Visual Artists, Alia Bensliman and Spriha Gupta Unveil New Solo Exhibitions at ARTWORKS

Visual Artists, Alia Bensliman and Spriha Gupta Unveil New Solo Exhibitions at ARTWORKS

Trenton’s visual artists Alia Bensliman and Spriha Gupta exhibit 2 new exhibitions, A Story of Emotions – Alia Bensliman and 2nd Life: Rediscovering Nature’s Canvas – Spriha Gupta, at Artworks from April 2 to May 24. The opening reception will take place on April 5th, from 6 to 8 pm for both solo exhibitions at Artworks.

Alia Bensliman is a contemporary artist, art educator based in Trenton, NJ, and an active member of the Artworks Trenton Community Board and has recently displayed her work at Princeton. Growing up in Tunisia, North Africa, her art reflects a fusion of east and west with a penchant for North African and Berber art. The goal of her drawings is to intrigue, engage and provoke thought and reflection from the viewers. “All my drawings are full of symbols and meaning that explain my sentiments about milestones in my life, my past experiences and my everyday life.  I also try to express my views about current socio political issues, health issues, religions and human rights.” says Bensliman. A Story of Emotions tells of her story dealing with Invisible Disabilities; encompassing all mental health disorders as well as chronic diseases like migraines and more. Her art plays a big role in her healing process and has been her coping tool of self-discovery through spiritual and emotional connection. Bensliman will also reveal in this show one of her biggest projects that she has been working on since 2015. Come discover a nine foot long artwork filled with intricate lines, vibrant colors, and details.

Featured piece in “A Story of Emotions” by Alia Bensliman

Strongly influenced by Indian cultural roots, Spriha Gupta uses iconic symbolism to exemplify concepts close to her heart that are influenced by personal, societal, and environmental changes. As a narrative mixed media artist based at Princeton Makes, Gupta endeavors to breathe life onto canvases through her unique approach to mixed media. In 2nd Life: Rediscovering Nature’s Canvas, nature, in all its intricate beauty, serves as the primary muse. Her work becomes a journey through layers of texture, rhythm, and movement—a profound interpretation of the natural world; layering acrylic paints with an array of elements such as modeling paste, gels, tree bark, cheesecloth, and paper. Her art urges every individual to confront and comprehend the harmful effects of global warming, working collaboratively toward a future where the world remains a canvas of rich, vivid colors rather than succumbing to a gray, lifeless fate.

Artworks Trenton is the capital city’s creative hub. Through our educational programming, exhibitions, events, and public art initiatives we connect and empower our community. To learn more about both exhibitions go to

“Melting” by Spriha Gupta


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