Easter Traditions Return to Trenton

Easter Traditions Return to Trenton

Hippity hop, Easter is on its way, and with it comes the return of one of Trenton’s most beloved traditions! If you grew up in the Capital City, chances are, you remember the sweet anticipation of the Easter Bunny’s arrival. There is a palpable sene of magic in the air as families line up and down the block waiting for Spring’s most famous mascot to come bounding down the road. In Trenton, the Easter Bunny’s visit has always meant welcoming the arrival of warmer, longer days to come. And now, with Easter just around the corner, excitement is beginning to brew all over town.

On Saturday, March 30th, the Easter Bunny will be making his triumphant return to the Capital City. Throughout the morning, the procession will pass through each of Trenton’s four wards, assuring that no corner of the Capital City is left out of the Easter fun. This year, the route will begin at 9am at the Trenton Fire Department headquarters, located on Perry Street, and proceed MLK Jr. Blvd., Clinton Ave., Hamilton Ave., Broad St., Pennington Ave., Stuyvesant Ave., and Hillvista Blvd., among others, before reaching Cadwalader Park at 11:20 a.m.

As the bunny hops all over town, guests are invited to meet and greet the famed Eastern favorite as he passes through the neighborhood. As a special addition for the younger Trentonians, all kiddos will receive a special treat courtesy of the “Bunny Patrol”. After his grand procession, the morning’s fun will continue at Cadwalader Park, where the Kiwanis Club of Trenton will be hosting the annual Great Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny’s ride through town is a wonderful addition to the day, as well as a great alternative for those unable to make it to the egg hunt. After all, when it comes to Easter celebrations in Trenton, there’s a whole day’s worth of excitement in store, whether down at the park or at your own front door!

Continuing the grand Easter traditions in the Capital City, the Great Egg Hunt has been a cherished Trenton pastime for over a century. Now entering its 103rd year, this event transforms Cadwalader Park into a magical wonderland of Easter magic, with hundreds of eggs hidden all throughout the park’s sweeping hills. Boasting one of the region’s biggest and best Easter events, little ones will have a ball as they search high and low for the countless surprises hidden around every corner. With prizes, activities, and fun available for attendees of all ages, guests both young and old will come away with sweets, treats, and cherished family memories to enjoy for years to come.

The upcoming Easter Bunny ride-through and Great Egg Hunt are certain to be an eggs-cellent time for all. Be sure to mark your calendars, because every-bunny deserves to be a part of this timeless Trenton tradition!

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