NJ State Library Announces Author Talk With Dr. Betty Livingston Adams

NJ State Library Announces Author Talk With Dr. Betty Livingston Adams

Women’s History Month is a wonderful time to reflect and remember the vital roles women have played in the formation of our society. From the fours walls of our homes to the halls of Congress, women have remained a key influence in moving equality and freedom forward. While we often hear tales of famous heroines in our history books, it is not often that we have the opportunity to hear about those who made waves here in our own communities. By keeping local history alive, however, we have the opportunity to better connect to our predecessors and keep the spirit of progress alive in our own backyards. In celebration of Women’s History Month and all the females who have fought for the places we call home, the New Jersey State Library invites you to their upcoming author talk.

On Tuesday, March 12th, you are invited to join the New Jersey State Library for an engaging conversation with Dr. Betty Livingston Adams. This conversation, entitled “Black Women’s Christian Activism: Seeking Social Justice in a Northern Suburb”, will center the story of Violet Johnson, a former domestic servant whose bravery and advocacy led to the challenging of the established racial and social norms in the town of Summit, NJ. The discussion will take place from 12pm to 1pm on Zoom. The author talk is free to attend, and as the discussion is virtual, guests can able tune in from any corner of the Garden State. For those planning on attending, please register in advance on Zoom, linked here: Zoom – NJSL.

Dr. Betty Livingston Adams is an independent scholar, author, and former university professor. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (with distinction) and the Master of Philosophy degrees from Yale University and the Master of Divinity (Summa Cum Laude) degree from Drew University, Madison, NJ. Throughout her remarkable career, Dr. Adams has been the recipient of a number of awards and fellowship opportunities, including g Global Scholar at the Institute for Research on Women at Rutgers University and Fellow at the Yale Initiative on Material and Visual Culture of Religion. Her book, the inspiration behind this talk, was also the recipient of the the 2017 Wilbur Award for excellence in communicating “religious issues, values, and themes with professionalism, fairness and honesty”; the 2018 New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance Author Award for scholarly excellence; and the 2020 Drew University Bela Kornitzer Prize for Outstanding Nonfiction Book.

Your host for the afternoon, the New Jersey State Library, offers a jam-packed calendar of educational and informative resources to help you dive deeper into some of life’s most fascinating topics. From author talks with subject matter experts to instructional seminars, how-to demonstrations, and more, there is always an opportunity to learn at this remarkable library. In addition to events, the New Jersey State Library has also curated an unrivaled collection of literature, reference materials, and resources, assuring that any learner can find what they need in the hunt for knowledge. For more information on the upcoming author talk and the countless opportunities to be found at the NJSL, please visit their website, linked here: NJSL – Home.

For additional details and instructions on how to get registered for this upcoming conversation, please contact the NJSL at (609) 278-2640 for further assistance. Do not miss the opportunity for this intimate and intellectually stimulating conversation with Dr. Adams, be certain to secure your spot today.

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