Celebrating Black Dolls at the Trenton City Museum

Celebrating Black Dolls at the Trenton City Museum

Growing up, dolls were a staple in the toy chest and a beloved playtime companion in many of our childhoods. Whether you embraced the heart-pounding action of your favorite action figures or were a building an imaginary family with your baby dolls, these treasured toys offer children a wonderful opportunity for imaginative play. When a child goes to pick out a doll, magic happens when a kiddo finds a doll that looks just like them. Representation is of critical importance in the world of toys. When a child sees a doll that looks like them that’s a princess, a superhero, or any number of remarkable roles, this subconsciously reaffirms that they can be anything they want to be, now able to see themselves in the characters and heroes they look up to. This phenomena has been true for generations, as dolls have played a special role in the lives of children for centuries. In celebration of dolls and all the cherished memories they’ve made over the years, you are invited to join the Trenton City Museum for their latest exhibit, “In Celebration of Black Dolls”.

From February through May of 2024, guests of the Trenton City Museum are invited to enjoy a divine new exhibit, “In Celebration of Black Dolls”. The gallery will be on display at the museum’s Ellarslie Mansion, located at 299 Parkside Ave., Trenton, NJ 08606. This exhibit comes as a part of the Trenton City Museum’s remarkable Black History Month celebrations. The Trenton City Museum is open Friday (12pm to 4pm), Saturday (12pm to 4pm), and Sunday (1pm to 4pm), so be certain to squeeze a visit to the museum in your weekend itinerary. If you plan on attending, entry to the museum is free, with donations gratefully accepted. There is plenty of free and accessible parking on-site. You can read more about the exhibit, as well as the history of Black dolls, on the Trenton City Museum website, linked here: Black Dolls – TCM.

Per the National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture, “Dolls. They are a child’s first introduction to self-image; their stories are key elements in our personal heritage. Across all cultural backgrounds, everyone has a story that dolls can tell. The history of Black dolls is about more than just objects of play. Black dolls have played a critical role in building a diverse American society and rich African American culture. They help tell the stories of African-American history, of enslaved Africans captured and relocated to a strange land and yet bravely asserting their own cultures—and of everyone who came after.” As we cherish the role these toys have played in both Black history and in our own lives, this exhibit offers the chance to dive deeper into the world of dolls.

If you have any questions or would like any help planning your visit, you can contact the Trenton City Museum team at info@ellarslie.org or (609) 989-1191 for additional assistance. For more information on this and other upcoming exhibits, please visit the Trenton City Museum website, linked here: TCM – Home. A day of dolls and delights awaits you, so be sure to plan your trip to this limited-time exhibit.

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