Visionary Philanthropy Group Inc. Hosts Successful BreakBeatCode Hackathon

Visionary Philanthropy Group Inc. Hosts Successful BreakBeatCode Hackathon

Visionary Philanthropy Group Inc./Nerds with Swag, under the passionate leadership of founder Nyene Baker, has joined forces with the Mercer County Community College Gear Up program to launch the BreakBeatCode program, a groundbreaking initiative empowering Trenton’s youth to claim their space in the tech world. This electrifying program, held on January 27th, 2024 at the James Kearny Campus in Trenton, NJ with a total 16 in attendance, embarked on a captivating journey into music production, coding, and computer science, all seamlessly intertwined through the pulsating world of beat making.

Baker’s vision for VPG extends far beyond lines of code; it’s about empowering 8.1 billion people on this planet, bridging the technological divide, and fostering a future where tech’s doors don’t  swing wide open for underrepresented communities, particularly Black and Hispanic youth, who currently make up only 7% of the workforce despite their immense potential. He aspires to rewrite the narrative, ensuring equal opportunities and representation in this booming field.

This unwavering belief in Trenton’s youth shines through Baker’s brand and initiative tagline: “N.E.R.D.S. with Swag (Never Ending Relentlessness Determines Success).” Baker said he would like to first thank God, then his great mentors who help put this together. Who played a crucial role in bringing BreakBeatCode program to life? Darius Dove, Interim Director of the Gear Up program, along with Jonice Schley, Curriculum Specialist, and Bonnie Negron, Administrative Specialist, all lent their expertise and unwavering support to this groundbreaking initiative.

Under the dynamic instruction of C.J.Brooks  breakbeatcode  DJ/instructor(D.J.Siege), the students weren’t just crafting beats; they were grasping the very essence of coding, delving into variables, functions, error handling, and even music concepts like beats, measures, and tempo. Witnessing their effortless navigation of these challenges within a mere hour left Baker truly fascinated. “These kids in Trenton are superstars,” he declared. Their goal is to send students and adults to work in Silicon Valley, at tech companies, or to give them the tools to start their own tech businesses.

But BreakBeatCode isn’t a one-time event; VPG plans to continue offering the program bi-weekly, building upon each session to equip students with a robust foundation in coding, data analysis, and problem-solving, all while nurturing their creativity, innovation, and collaborative spirit.

Baker’s vision doesn’t stop at Trenton. He actively seeks partnerships with organizations nationwide to spread VPG’s transformative programs, ensuring Black and Hispanic communities have access to the tools and opportunities they deserve. He firmly believes that by rewriting the narrative of underrepresentation in tech, we can unlock the boundless potential of our youth and build a more inclusive and vibrant tech landscape.

BreakBeatCode is a beacon of hope and opportunity, a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and innovative thinking. By igniting the minds of Trenton’s youth, VPG and Mercer County Community College are paving the way for a generation of tech pioneers who will reshape the future, their beats echoing a powerful message of empowerment and inclusivity.

Anyone interested in partnering/collaborating with VPG for tech programs, please contact or

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