Peace Sing-A-Long to Close Out Patriots’ Week

Peace Sing-A-Long to Close Out Patriots’ Week

Although it feels like the fun is just getting started, in just a matter of days, Patriots Week 2023 will be coming to a close. This year’s celebration was of particular note, as this triumphant week of fun marked the first full return of activities since the pandemic took hold. With cannons once again roaring in the streets of Trenton, this year’s Patriots’ Week was a heartwarming reminder of the history and traditions that make living in this city so special. But before this week’s programming comes to a close, be sure to make room on your calendar for one more evening of community and connection.

On Sunday, December 31st, you and your family are invited to the Capital City for a Peace and Justice Sing-a-long. The event, hosted by the Trenton Meeting of Friends, will begin at 4pm at the Trenton Friends Meeting House, located at 142 E Hanover St, Trenton, NJ 08608. This evening of song will be led by the well-renowned Solidarity Singers of the NJ Industrial Union Council, a long-standing group which sings in support of workers, unions, peace, and justice. Featuring Bennet Zurofsky on guitar, this famed entourage has performed in venues spanning from picket lines and coffee shops to concert halls, and they will now be bringing their talents to Trenton.

The featured songs for the evening, many of which are well-known or easy to pick up on, will center the important themes of peace, justice, and human rights. This sing-a-long is a wonderful opportunity to tap into your musical talents and enjoy an evening of fun with friends new and old. Interspersed throughout the program, guests are welcome to come along with song suggestions of their own to see if you can “stump the singers”.

Following the sing-a-long, the Trenton Friends Meeting House will also be hosted a Candlelight Peace Vigil. Guests will be invited into the meetinghouse for a powerful evening of quiet reflection, setting intentions for a more peaceful year in 2024. As we once again get ready to welcome a new year, this evening is a wonderful opportunity to set our sights on peace both here in the streets of Trenton and in communities all over the globe. Following the vigil, guests are welcome to stay for a light dinner. The perfect way to close out 2023, this evening of song, self-reflection, and service is certain to get 2024 started on the right note.

As we pave the way for a more peaceful 2024, this Patriots’ Week finale is the perfect opportunity to tap into the very best that Trenton has to offer. Another week of historic proportion is coming to a close, so be sure to come out for one last hurrah!

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