Talking Telescopes With the NJ State Museum

Talking Telescopes With the NJ State Museum

If you’ve ever had a chance to look through a telescope, chances are you found yourself awestruck at what lies just beyond our skies. When we look to the stars, we can catch a glimpse at the vast universe which we all call home. From the soft glow of the moon to the glimmering of a distant planet, a telescope can be a powerful tool in giving us a closer look at the astronomical wonders that dance across the sky. To enjoy this experience close to home, you may be tempted to acquire a telescope of your own. But with so many choices and technology at play, you may not know where to start. To help you identify the best telescope for you and your family, you are invited to join the New Jersey State Museum for a compelling conversation on how to choose your very first telescope.

On Saturday, November 25th, guests are invited to join Planetarium technician, Bill Murray, to enjoy expert guidance on purchasing your first telescope. This conversation will begin at 10:30am at the New Jersey State Museum’s campus, located at 205 W State St, Trenton, NJ 08608. This practical conversation will set guests on the right path on identifying the best telescope for their personal circumstances and needs. Afterwards, guests will have the opportunity to connect with the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton, who will be present in the Planetarium to show off their own telescopes and answer any questions that guests may have. Whether you’re purchasing a telescope for yourself or the astronomy enthusiast in your life, there’s no doubt this seminar will behove you in your stargazing journeys.

If you aren’t ready to purchase a telescope of your own, but still want to look to the stars – not to worry! The New Jersey State Museum offers a state-of-the-art Planetarium, where guests can enjoy a trip to the stars from right here in the Capital City. Presented in both English and Spanish, the NJSM Planetarium offers a number of educational and engaging presentations for all ages and interest levels.  Guests can soar to new heights with the museum’s Ultra-High Resolution 8K projection system, allowing you to see the solar system like never before. For more information on the Planetarium and how you can get started on taking off to the stars, please visit the New Jersey State Museum’s website, linked here: NJSM – Planetarium.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more prior to this fascinating day of discovery, please contact the New Jersey State Museum at for additional details. Taking off to the stars sure sounds like a treat to us, so be certain to mark your calendar and get the scoop on telescopes!

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