Opening Receptions Upcoming at Artworks

Opening Receptions Upcoming at Artworks

On November 3rd, you and your family are invited to the grand opening of their two latest exhibits, “To Find Love and Death” by Raven George and “Issa Vibe: Self-Taught Discovery of Color ” by Erin McMillon. The celebrations will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at Artworks, 19 Everett Alley, Trenton, NJ 08611. The displayed exhibits offer a candid exploration of the human spirit, inviting the viewer to look inward and connect with this body of masterpieces. An immersive and emotional feast for the eyes, you would be remiss to miss the chance to view these galleries.

“Issa Vibe: Self-Taught Discovery of Color ” by Erin McMillon is a colorful exploration of artistry, self-discovery, and the heart behind this creative expression. In the arts community, there is a stigma surrounding the self-taught artist by those who have undergone formal or classical training. However, the true essence of art, the expression pouring from the artist’s heart and soul, cannot be covered in any classroom. This exhibit explores the process of the artist looking inward to refine their approach and community’s impact on the act of creation. This exhibit shares the joy of creating from the soul, a bold celebration of the tenacity it takes to transfer your light to the world.

“To Find Love and Death” by Raven George celebrates introspection and a return to one’s inner self and the innocence it once held. George explores the machinations of one’s inner child, exposing the transition between childlike innocence and the circumstances that often bring this experience to an abrupt close. In a world where many of us were forced to grow up too soon, this exhibit highlights how the world around us can inspire light and wonder in the most unsuspecting of places. “To Find Love and Death” invites us to confront death’s role in reconnecting us with love and how this love is translated and shared with the world.

These exhibits are brought to our community thanks to Artworks, a destination for creatives and art lovers in the Capital City and beyond. Artworks carefully curate a remarkable rotation of exhibits each year, offering artists a professional exhibition opportunity. Furthermore, Artworks seeks to make viewing art accessible to all, assuring that engaging in arts and culture remains an equitable activity in the Capital City. In addition to exhibitions, Artworks is host to several educational and community events, empowering visitors to have a hands-on experience in getting creative. To read more about Artworks and all they have planned for the coming season, please visit their website here: Artworks.

Any questions ahead of the event may be directed to Artworks at (609) 394-9436 or An evening of art awaits you, so take advantage of this opportunity.

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