Meet Trenton’s First Italian Immigrant Families with the Trent House

Meet Trenton’s First Italian Immigrant Families with the Trent House

Since its founding, the City of Trenton has existed as a community of immigrants. Over the years, countless families have made their way to our community for a better life. A melting pot in every sense of the word, Trenton has had the opportunity to welcome residents from every corner of the globe. The Italian community, which has played an integral role in shaping Trenton over the years, has been settling in Trenton since the 18th century. To celebrate the impact of Italian migration on our community over the years, you are invited to join the William Trent House for their upcoming discussion, “Trenton’s First Italian Immigrant Families.”

From the legacy of Chambersburg to the legends of famed Italian eateries that visitors still flock to today, there is no doubt that Italians have made a permanent mark in the heritage of our community. But when did the Italian community get its start in Trenton? On Sunday, October 8th, the William Trent House Museum will host an afternoon of conversation surrounding the first Italian immigrants to Trenton. The discussion will be led by Tom Frascella, who will introduce attendees to the first Italian immigrant families of the late 1700s and early 1800s.

The afternoon’s conversation will kick off at 2 p.m. on Zoom and in person at the William Trent Visitor Center at 15 Market St, Trenton, NJ 08611. If you plan on attending in person, plenty of free parking is available adjacent to the Visitor Center. Although the event is free, advanced registration will be required. Both in-person and online attendees can register to attend online here: Register – Trent House. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the discussion before attending, please get in touch with the William Trent House team at (609) 989-3027 for additional information.

Records estimate that 10,000 Italians immigrated to the United States between 1793 and 1850, including the first to establish residence in Trenton. A notable immigrant to Trenton, Giovanni Battiste Sartori (known in America as John Sartori), was well-acquainted with the Trent House. Sartori married Henriette de Woofin, daughter of Chevalier Marie Basil Gaston de Woofin, who owned the estate between 1792 and 1795. In 1804, Giovanni Sartori, 29, and Henriette de Woofin, 18, married in Trenton and began living together at Giovanni’s mansion, “Rosy Hill,” located just south of the Trent House along the Delaware. Thornton, guests will have the opportunity to hear about the Sartori home and the founding members of the Italian community in Trenton.

For more information about this and other upcoming events, please visit the William Trent House’s website, linked here: Trent House – Home. The keys to Trenton’s past are waiting to be explored, so register now for an unforgettable afternoon of heritage and history.

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