Trenton’s Orchid House Cafe Now Open

Trenton’s Orchid House Cafe Now Open

In another tremendous win for the Trenton community, the doors of the Orchid House Cafe are officially open! The Cafe, located at 134 East Hanover St., was originally developed as an event venue in 2015. The property has since been transformed into a cafe courtesy of a City of Trenton Building Improvement Grant. Through the support of entities like the City of Trenton, I Am Trenton, and more, the neighborhood now has the opportunity to see a vacant space transformed into a living, breathing asset for the community. To date, Orchid has already offered a variety of private and public events including musical showcases, book fairs, art exhibits, and educational workshops.

The Orchid House Cafe is an innovative new spot for quick bites and connection in the Capital City. Per owner Elijah Dixon, the cafe is a “low-key spot for specialty drinks, quick bites, social activations, and educational workshops”. Beyond just another eatery in Trenton, the Orchid House Cafe promises to meaningfully impact the community through thoughtful endeavors such as hiring local, paying living wages, and working with other minority-owned enterprises to offer a free breakfast program for kids in the neighborhood.

Per Mayor Reed Gusciora, “This is what the new Trenton is all about. We are thankful for the owner’s belief in the City of Trenton and the beginning wave of economic redevelopment in our downtown arts corridor on Hanover Street. The Orchid itself was used by the ancient Greeks as a symbol of virality, love, honor, truth, and new beginnings. This is what this establishment represents on this block. We’re proud of you and wish you many years of success.”

Reflecting on this tremendous achievement, Dixon noted “Despite people saying ‘It’s Hanover Street, It’s Trenton, It’s the hood, you can’t do it, it’s no market for it,’ we’re still doing it! And because of all of you guys and your continued support, we’ll be able to keep on doing it for years to come.”

“Trenton Makes, the World Takes”, and this is but another example of the entrepreneurial spirit alive in the Capital City. The next time you’re on the town, be certain to stop by the Orchid House Cafe, where you’re certain to find much more than just a great meal.

All photos courtesy of Butch Osterman

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