Heal the City Announces 4th HELP Scholarship

Heal the City Announces 4th HELP Scholarship

Heal The City, a Trenton-based non-profit is an organization devoted to youth and education in the Capital City. To fulfill this mission, the organization has utilized billboards, billboard unveiling events, movie events, plays, and other school and community-based collaborations. By sponsoring the Positive Billboard Campaign, special event film showings, cultural events, and projects emphasizing education, Heal the City strives to empower the youth and residents of Trenton, all the while inspiring them to give back and help build a vibrant community. For example, Heal The City has collaborated with the Trenton Public School’s “Attendance Matters” campaign to create billboards that emphasize education’s importance and why attending school every day makes a difference. 

Heal The City strongly believes that one of the ways to heal our city is to demonstrate the critical role education plays in the lives of youth and all citizens in Trenton. The organization believes that education gives individuals choices and options in life that may not otherwise be accessible. Rather than idling and letting opportunity pass them by, Heal the City believes that our community’s youth can do great things – but they must do the work. Some students may attend college to reach their full potential, while others may go to a trade school or the military. Regardless of their path, Heal the City emphasizes the importance of youth setting goals, making decisions that positively impact them, working hard, and giving back.

SEED (Servants Endeavoring to Empower and Develop)/Heal The City has provided HELP Scholarships to Mercer County students for the past several years. These scholarships are of tremendous value to recipients, as we all know that higher education costs are very high. This scholarship started three years ago when the COVID pandemic initially occurred. This scholarship is given to students to help offset the costs of books, transportation to school, move-in fees, and other expenses like lodging for parents during their child’s school orientation. The scholarship also helps offset costs not usually covered through other scholarships or financial aid.

To get referrals, SEED and Heal the City work closely with local high schools, guidance counselors, teachers, and parents/guardians. Ten to twelve students will be selected to be honored with this scholarship. SEED and Heal the City are honored and excited to provide this academic support to deserving students in our community.

On July 27, 2023, at 5 pm, Heal the City is hosting its 4th annual scholarship reception at the Lobby Club in Downtown Trenton. Their keynote speaker for the evening will be Dr. Rob Connors, co-founder of Christine Seix Academy. This year, they are proud to highlight 2 of our scholarship recipients on their 2023 billboard featuring Greg King, Jr., who will be attending Tuskegee University, and Tymir Fennell, who will be attending Norfolk State University. Both young men are dedicated members of the Trenton community.

Greg Jr graduated from Foundation Academy in 2020 and played football at Nassau Community College in Long Island, NY, where he received his Associate’s Degree. Trenton Daily spoke with Greg Jr. and his mother, Kisha, about what this opportunity meant for their family. While reflecting on the opportunity, Greg noted, “It’s a blessing because it helps out not just me but a lot of students in the Trenton area that are going to schools that are far away.” Continuing, he noted, “I know there’s a lot of kids that want to go to school but just can’t afford it. So we’re hoping this could help kids in the future in our community. This helps me not just with the scholarship, but helps me think about when I get older when I want to help out with a kid growing up in the future in Trenton.”

Meanwhile, Greg’s mother, Kisha, also considered what this opportunity meant for her son: “I’m so proud of my son that he’s continuing. He just lost his father last year, so for him to keep striving so hard – I’m so proud of him. He graduated from one school playing football. Now he’s going into a new school far away from me, which I’m a little sad he’ll be far away, but I’m also proud of him and happy for him, and I pray that he succeeds in life.” She noted, “I want to say that I am so grateful to Stacy [Heading] that he takes the time to have this scholarship for these young men in Trenton, and I’m so happy and grateful to him.”

This year’s other featured recipient is Tymir Fennell, a 2023 TCHS graduate who played basketball for TCHS under the guidance of Darryl “Coach Pup” Young, who led his team to the NJ Group 4 Central Jersey Sectional Championship. The billboard featuring these young men will be located on the corner of Stuyvesant Ave and Prospect Street for all to see, serving as a reminder of why positive images and the HELP Scholarship are vital to us all. 

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