Trenton’s Athing Mu Once Again Races to the Top

Trenton’s Athing Mu Once Again Races to the Top

Although we’re still a year away, athletes and sports fans all over the world are turning their attention to the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France. While the Olympics themselves are still some time away, qualifying trials are now underway. Olympic hopefuls all over the world are competing at the highest level of their sports and putting in the work to snag one of the highly coveted spots on their nation’s Olympic team. One such athlete is Athing Mu, a Trenton native who first captured the hearts of the American people in the 2020 Olympics. Her incredible story and dominating performance were an inspiration to millions, not the least of which being the residents of her hometown, the Capital City. Now, Athing Mu is once again hitting the road as she prepares her return to the Olympics podium once again.

Mu first took the world by storm in the 2020 Olympics, where she brought home the gold in the women’s 800. Smashing barriers since day one, Mu has earned the title of being the youngest woman to ever earn both Olympic and world titles in an individual track and field event. In the 2022 world championship, Mu also became the first American woman to win the 800m world championship title. Smashing records and doing so at such a young age is no small feat, and with her atmospheric rise to the top, it’s clear that there’s no signs of stopping anytime soon. Since that first debut on the Olympic podium, Mu has become a beloved figure of American athletics and continues to make a name for herself each and every day. A force to be reckoned with, the city of Trenton couldn’t possibly be prouder of this true hometown hero.

It may not be an Olympic year, but when you’re an athlete performing at this high of a level, there’s no days off. Recently, Athing shocked the world when she took on the women’s 1500M, winning an impressive second place in what was only her second professional race at this distance. Although Mu had the opportunity to move forward with Team USA in the World Championship 1500M, she has opted to offer this spot to fellow competitor Sinclaire Johnson and instead has chosen to move forward with her signature event, the women’s 800M.

As Athing gets ready for the 2024 Paris Olympics, the world will be watching to see what incredible things this dynamic athlete does next. No doubt the one to watch, with performances like these, it’s clear that Mu’s career is only just getting started. While we countdown the days until her next Olympic performance, here in Trenton, we’ll be cheering along this hometown gem every step of the way!

Athing Mu Is First U.S. Woman to Win Olympic Gold in 800M Since 1968

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