Do Your Part in the Heart of Trenton

Do Your Part in the Heart of Trenton

Living in the City of Trenton comes with a variety of perks, possibilities, and challenges that define the experience of calling this special place your home. Regardless of the struggles this community faces, arm in arm we continue to move forward and put in the work towards a brighter future. Over the past couple of months, you may have noticed an uptick in headlines and social media posts discussing negative events that threaten the good works of Trentonians all throughout the region. These instances can be discouraging, and it can be easy to fall into patterns of hopelessness or despair. However, rather than letting this define our city’s legacy, we as a community have the power to come together and fight for a safer, more prosperous Capital City for all. Read ahead for some ways you can meaningfully contribute to a thriving Trenton this summer and beyond.

As residents of the City of Trenton, we have a special responsibility and privilege to protect our community and do our part to assure the city is at its best. As New Jersey’s capital, this community does not just represent itself, but the Garden State as a whole. Trenton is a place we should all be proud to call home, and the city is now implementing resources to help turn this vision into a reality. Recently, City Hall has been encouraging residents to take advantage of its concerns hotline to help bring issues to the attention of the city and help clean up damage and debris in our neighborhoods. Some examples of situations residents can report to the city include:

  • Illegal dumping
  • Dangerous structures
  • Trash violations
  • Streetlight outages
  • Potholes

Although many of these issues may seem harmless at first glance, these issues can quickly compound and lead to further deterioration or trouble. As a community, we have the power to take back our streets and invest our time and energy into forging a community we love. If there’s a spot in your neighborhood that is in need of some improvements, please contact Trenton City Hall at (609) 989-0311 or for additional assistance. You’re just a call or click away from a cleaner, more beautified community, so do not hesitate to take advantage of this tremendous resource.

We all play a part in keeping Trenton in tiptop shape, and this hotline is a simple but impactful way to be the change you want to see right in your own community. Each member of the Trenton community has the power to shape the city you love, and now is your chance to bring improvements to your block. Together as a team, we can make waves  on our streets, so don’t hesitate to make the call today!

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