City of Trenton to Host Re-Entry Job Fair

City of Trenton to Host Re-Entry Job Fair

For formerly incarcerated individuals, release day is an exciting time. The chance for a fresh start is empowering beyond words, and with a clean slate comes a world of opportunity. However, re-entry also comes with several unique challenges, and difficulties in reintegrating can quickly rise to the surface. One such challenge is the ability to access and retain meaningful employment opportunities. Employment can provide financial stability, a sense of purpose, and even something as simple as a reason to get up in the morning. With such incredible benefits to be reaped, it’s no wonder that the City of Trenton is doing its part with the upcoming re-entry job fair.

On Wednesday, May 10th, the City of Trenton’s Office of Returning Citizens will host a re-entry job fair for formerly incarcerated individuals. The event will occur from 10 am to 1 pm at Trenton City Hall, 319 East State Street, Trenton, NJ 08609. Guests will be able to connect with several impressive employers, including Amazon, Wegmans, Jiffy Lube, Hutchinson, Integrity Staffing Solutions, and more. At the fair, you’ll have the chance to speak and network with employers, apply for jobs, and explore abundant opportunities awaiting you.

The upcoming re-entry fair only scratches the surface of the services made available to re-entering citizens in the Capital City. Mayor Gusciora and his team have collaborated with experts in the field to address many of the challenges and circumstances regarding re-entering society after incarceration. In addition, the Mayor’s Re-entry Committee has devoted itself to providing fair, equitable opportunities for employment and other resources to some of Trenton’s most vulnerable residents. The city has also recruited the assistance of the Mercer County One-Stop Career Center in Trenton and the Fresh Start program hosted by the Trenton Free Public Library to bolster their comprehensive services further.

You may wonder, can something as simple as a job really be that impactful? As it turns out, employment can mean everything. According to research, unemployed ex-prisoners were more likely to re-offend than their employed counterparts. Although discrepancies can emerge depending on the job type, duration, etc., it is suggested that well-paying, long-term employment can be beneficial. Of course, no one story will be the same, but with a holistic approach to providing re-entering citizens with financial resources, community support, and a sense of purpose, individuals re-entering society are given a leg-up in their journey back home.

For any formerly incarcerated individual, this upcoming fair is a beautiful resource for you or a loved one to meet with employers and take the following steps to secure a positive future. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the re-entry services available to Trenton residents, please get in touch with City Hall at 609-989-3000 for more information. A brighter path ahead is yours for the taking, so do not miss the chance to participate in this life-changing event.

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