Join the Capital Area YMCA For Healthy Kids Day

Join the Capital Area YMCA For Healthy Kids Day

If you and your little one are on the hunt for a day full of activities, games, and excitement, you won’t want to miss Healthy Kids Day at the Capital Area YMCA!

On Saturday, April 29th, the Capital Area YMCA will host a day full of fun for Trenton’s children and their families. With games, entertainment, food, music, health screenings, and more available, this event is a one-stop shop for all the tools you need to keep your kiddos thriving as they continue to grow. This free event will be held from 10 am to 2 pm at the YMCA at 431 Pennington Ave, Trenton, NJ 08618. No advanced registration is required, so feel free to gather your loved ones and come down for a day full of family fun!

Raising and educating a child requires a well-rounded approach to their development. With a childhood full of love, learning, and play, children can grow up ready to take on any challenges life throws their way. At Healthy Kids Day, parents and children will have access to a one-stop shop to help enrich the physical and mental health of our city’s youngest citizens. From health resources to opportunities for social and physical enrichment, the Capital Area YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day celebrates all things healthy and happy children. For over 30 years, this event has served families in Trenton and beyond. This kick-off to summer is guaranteed to be an exciting affair for guests of all ages, so mark your calendar for some all-day fun.

The Capital Area YMCA is a tremendous resource for children and families alike. Devoted to the citizens of Trenton and beyond, the Capital Area YMCA has been serving the community since its founding in 1856. Trenton’s YMCA was one of the first in the nation, as the YMCA did not come to the United States until 1850. Trenton’s YMCA was even the location for the nation’s first professional basketball game! With a proud and storied history in Trenton, the YMCA has committed itself to nurture the community to its fullest potential.

As a cornerstone of the community, the Capital Area YMCA understands firsthand the unique set of challenges and opportunities that the Trenton community faces. However, through meaningful community programming, resources for families, and investment into the region, the YMCA helps pave the path to a brighter future daily. If you’d like to read more about all the YMCA offers, you can visit their website here: Home – Cap—area YMCA.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how your family can get involved with the Capital Area YMCA, please feel free to contact the YMCA at (609) 599-9622 or for additional details. Healthy Kids Day only occurs once a year, and you won’t want to miss this epic opportunity to get summer started in the Capital City.

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