Mercer County Calls for Small Business Grant Applications

Mercer County Calls for Small Business Grant Applications

In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, individuals and businesses alike are still recovering and acclimating to our “new normal”. Especially for entrepreneurs, the pandemic was a source of economic uncertainty, leaving many small business owners with more questions than answers. As the economy begins the long path to recovery, Mercer County is here to aid for businesses who suffered economic losses during the pandemic. If you’re an entrepreneur in the Mercer County area, stay tuned to find out how you can be the recipient of these much-needed funds.

As a part of the county’s COVID 19 relief efforts, $3.5 million from American Rescue Plan funding has been designated to help our community’s small businesses get back on their feet. There are two groups eligible for funding: 1.) businesses located in a QCT (Qualified Census Tracts) or Opportunity Zone, and 2.) all other businesses located in Mercer County. In order to qualify, your business must be physically located in Mercer County, and you must interact with the general public. At this time, national franchises, real-estate businesses, residential based businesses and businesses capable of conducting a majority of their business remotely are ineligible.

Businesses in group one do not need to document losses and will receive a flat grant of $10,000 upon approval. Businesses located in a QCT or Opportunity Zone are assumed to have had losses since March 3rd, 2021. Eligible small businesses not located within a QCT/Opportunity Zone will need to submit documentation proving a financial loss and will be awarded funds based on losses, up to a total of $10,000. For both group one and group two, businesses must have 20 employees or fewer (part time counts as 1/2 an employee), and cannot exceed $3 million in gross revenue/$5 million if in restaurant operations. A full list of program qualifications and requirements can be found here: COVID 19 Relief- Mercer Co. If you’re ready to get started, applications can be found here: Apply – Mercer County.

Upon submission of your application, representatives from GrantWorks will review and process your documentation. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact and a GrantWorks team member will be available to answer any questions you may have. If you’re in need of additional assistance or aren’t quite sure where to start, in-person workshops will also be held to walk you through the process. Trainings are schedule for the following dates and times:

  • Small Business Grant Outreach Event: 4/10/23 from 10am-2pm at MCCC’s James Kerney Campus (102 N Broad St, Trenton, NJ 08608)
  • Small Business Grant Outreach Event: 4/24/23 from 10am-2pm at Mercer County Connection (957 NJ-33, Trenton, NJ 08690)
  • Online Trainings: 
    • 4/20/23: Online training in English, interactive and recorded training; held from 7-8:30pm on the Mercer Page & Applicant Portal
    • 4/27/23: Recorded training in Spanish, posted on the Mercer Page and Applicant Portal

An abundance of funding is still available, so if you or your business could benefit from this support, you are encouraged to apply. Although the pandemic has certainly made the last few years a challenging time, Mercer County is here to help on your road to recovery. Any questions regarding this program may be directed to 609-200-0301 or If you are in need of assistance in Spanish, please contact 609-200-0047 for further details. Help is here in Mercer County, so if you’re a business in need, be sure to apply today!

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