Artworks to Host Origami Night with Kanon Shambora

Artworks to Host Origami Night with Kanon Shambora

Origami is a centuries-old art form characterized by intricate folds and fantastic colors. Artworks are inviting you to come into the fold for their upcoming origami night!

On Wednesday, March 8th, Artworks will host an origami night taught by Kanon Shambora. From 7:00-9:00 pm, guests will be taught the ins and outs of making their own fantastic paper creations. By the conclusion of the course, guests will know how to make a paper crane and create a hangable beaded “crane chain” to show off their new skills. The class is $30 per person. If you’re interested in attending, registration is available here: Origami Night – Register. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills or learn a new craft, all are welcome to this evening of creation.

Origami is an ancient art form dating back hundreds of years. Although it is widely believed that origami originated in Japan, some historians assert that it originated in China. The name origami combines two Japanese words, ora, meaning to fold, and kami, which means paper. In addition to visually stunning creations, origami holds significant meaning and symbolism. For example, the cranes you will create in this workshop symbolize hope and healing during trouble. What started as a cultural creation quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, still beloved by thousands today. If you’re looking for an introduction to this foldable fun, Artworks has all the tools you need to get started.

Kanon Shambora, a multi-disciplinary artist based in New Jersey, teaches this course. Kanon comes to the workshop with extensive experience, having spent the last several years teaching and developing curricula for artists of all experience levels. Although she specializes in printmaking, Kanon has also created stunning digital art, painting, and more. You are undoubtedly a multi-talented instructor and artist and will be in great hands during this upcoming workshop. You can check out some of Kanon’s incredible artwork by visiting her website here: Home – Kanon Shambora.

The host, Artworks, is a source of culture, creation, and community in the Capital City. Artworks has brought art exhibitions, educational opportunities, and more to artistically-inclined Trentonians since their founding. What makes Artworks unique is its unfailing commitment to making the arts accessible to all. Whether you are a professional, amateur artist, an inner city, or a suburban resident, all are invited to participate in this space. Whether you’re a lifelong art enthusiast or just getting started on your journey, Artworks is here to help you get creative. If you’d like to learn more about all they offer, please visit their website here: Artworks – Home.

If you’re looking for a crafty way to spend a weeknight, this workshop is perfect! Please RSVP as soon as possible if you plan on attending. If you have any questions before sending or would like to learn more, please contact Artworks at (609) 394-9436 or for additional details. Don’t miss the chance to watch this evening of origami unfolds; enroll today!

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