You’re Invited to the Trenton City Museum’s “Trustees Collecting”

You’re Invited to the Trenton City Museum’s “Trustees Collecting”

For 50 years, the Trenton City Museum has been bringing art and cultural immersion to the City of Trenton. To celebrate this semicentennial milestone, all are invited to the opening reception of their brand-new exhibit, “Trustees Collecting.”

On Sunday, March 5th, all are invited to the Ellarslie Mansion to launch “Trustees Collecting.” The festivities, which will begin at 3:00 pm, will celebrate the unveiling of the museum’s first new exhibition of 2023. This exhibition features over 80 works of art on loan from 40 current and former trustees. Each piece of art tells a story and invites the viewer into the lives of the collectors. Much like the art from individual trustees’ homes, the Trenton City Museum offers a home to all art art lovers. Now, audiences from near and far are invited to enjoy this intimate display.

Per Diane Ciccone, Exhibition Co-curator with Joan Perkes, “As protectors, advocates, and visionaries for the Trenton Museum Society for 50 years, the organization’s trustees have worked to preserve and showcase in our collection the history of Trenton’s pottery and ceramics industry, explore artifacts and memorabilia, mount exhibitions of works by local and regional artists, and offer engaging programming for all ages.”

This exciting display will be on view starting March 4th and will conclude on April 15th, 2023. The exhibit hopes to tell a story not about the artwork andeir collection with the community. The trustees involved in this exhibit are putting both their heart and their art on display, inviting audiences to learn what captivated these collectors to add these works to their collections in the first place. To explore this theme further, the Trenton City Museum will host a roundtable discussion featuring area art collectors; details regarding this fascinating conversation will be forthcoming.

The Trenton City Museum has been a beacon of creativity in the Trenton community for half a century. Tucked away at the Ellarslie Mansion is a celebration of Trenton’s historical, cultural, and industrial life. They offer an expansive array of artifacts, artworks, memorabilia, and more, all centered around the glorious past and present of the Capital City. In addition to stunning exhibits, the museum also provides Trentonians with abundant educational opportunities, performances, and art classes to unite the community. If you’d like to learn more about the exciting schedule of exhibits, events, and more, please feel free to visit the Trenton City Museum’s website to learn more: Home – T.C.M.

The Trenton City Museum has served our community for over 50 years, and we cannot wait to see what the next 50 bring. With dozens of incredible works on display and heartfelt stories to match, art enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this exhibit. Any questions before attending may be directed to or (609) 989-1191. If you want to be part of the inaugural audience for this year’s first collection, you won’t want to miss this opening reception.

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