Mercer County Community College’s Gear Up Program Now Accepting Applications

Mercer County Community College’s Gear Up Program Now Accepting Applications

If you or a loved one are a student in the Trenton community, Mercer County Community College’s Gear Up program is a fantastic opportunity for any collegiate hopeful.

MCCC’s Gear Up is now accepting applications to participate in this fantastic pre-college program. This program is exclusively available for Trenton residents and seeks to prepare the next generation of youth for success in college. Gear Up’s mission is to increase the number of low-income students pursuing postsecondary education. Students will be exposed to a college or university environment during the program while receiving tutorials, mentoring, and academic and cultural enrichment. If you’re interested in getting involved, applications are available online here: Gear Up – Apply.

To qualify, students must:

  • Live in the city of Trenton and attend one of the following schools:
    • Trenton Central High School
    • 9th Grade Academy
    • Grace A. Dunn Middle School
  • Complete the program application
  • Meet family income requirements
  • Enter in the program in grades 7 through 12
  • Provide a copy of your latest report card

Once your application is submitted, Site Directors will contact the student and their parent/guardian to set up an interview. Participation in this program is free. As a part of the program, students will be provided with books, instructional supplies, field trips, meals, and public transportation costs at no cost to participating families. In addition, while a part of the program, students can take advantage of a wide array of services, including:

  • Academic-Year Program: Comprehensive academic sessions during the school year after school and Saturdays
  • Summer Program: Intensive academic instruction for six weeks
  • Program Focus: Math and science skill development; written and oral communication; counseling, leadership development, achievement, and career exploration.
  • Virtual Workshops: Developing a mindset that students are confident with virtual learning. Through this, we Establish a customized virtual program with comprehensive support that allows students to learn how to learn virtually, which will set them up for success in the future.
  • Mentoring program: Exposure to role models through mentoring and special lecture programs.
  • Student Development: Enhancement through leadership, cultural and career experiences, mediation training, and academic competition.
  • Parent Support Group: Workshops and seminars designed to address parents’ concerns. Topics include parenting, teen sexuality, computer literacy, achievement motivation, and methods for assisting their child in developing good study habits.

Additional resources include test preparation classes, college and career coaching, online learning strategies, financial aid information workshops, college and educational workshops, and more. Entering the Gear Up program opens up a world of opportunity for students, so do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this beautiful resource.

Programs like Gear Up ensure that low-income students are represented in college and university settings. Data suggests that low-income students are five times more likely to drop out of school and 13 times less likely to graduate high school on time. At a time when earnings are directly correlated to one’s ability to complete a college education, postsecondary education is more essential than ever. By providing our community’s low-income students with the opportunities, time, and resources they need, the next generation will be better-equipped to face the unique challenges of today’s job market.

If you or your child are ready to take the following steps towards a bright future, submit an application today. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Al-Lateef Farmer, Director, at or 609.570.3234 for additional details. Education unlocks the key to a great future, so be sure to “Gear Up” and prepare to learn!

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