New Jersey State Museum to Host “Small Explorers: Our Star and the Planets That Love Her”

Get ready for takeoff because you and your youngest space explorer are invited to the New Jersey State Museum!

On Saturday, January 14th, the New Jersey State Museum will host another exciting installation of their Small Explorers series. This month’s theme is “Our Star and the Planets that love her,” which will explore an out-of-this-world adventure in outer space. As always, the festivities will be led by the museum’s own Miss Sue. There is a 9:45 am session, as well as an 11 am session. All sessions for this event are held in person at the museum. Space is limited to 10 families per session, so please enroll as soon as possible. Registration is available online here: Register – Small Explorers. Registration will close this Thursday, January 12th. Once registered, you receive a welcome email to confirm your spot. The program is open to children ages six months up to five years old and their caregivers.

Throughout the session, you and your little ones will voyage throughout our solar system to learn more about the Sun, our planets, and how they all work together to form our universe. The journey takes flight in the NJSM planetarium, where guests can enjoy a showing of “Little Star That Could.” Afterward, guests will have a chance to get to know our star, the Sun, as well as our eight neighboring planets. Attendees will also enjoy reading “The Sun is my Favorite Star” by Frank Asch. This heartwarming tale explains to little learners how our Sun rises and sets, paint the sky and helps us grow. Finally, the day will conclude with a crafting session, where the children will learn how to make their telescopes and look into the sky. All in all, your child is in for a universe of excitement!

The Small Explorers program is incredible and invites little ones to learn and explore through various activities, including stories, crafts, and play. The programs are typically 45 minutes long and are held on the second Saturday of every month. Aside from 2 in-person sessions, there is also a 12:15 pm virtual session for many events. The events are held in the museum’s Discovery Den, the museum’s family-friendly play space for children ages 0-8. Families can enjoy art, puzzles, building sets, and more in the Den. For additional details and registration information, please get in touch with Susan for further information. Other details, educational videos, coloring pages, and more are available online here: NJSM – Small Explorers.

If you’re looking for a fun morning for you and your little one, you won’t want to miss this astronomical adventure! To secure your spot for this event, please RSVP as soon as possible. Also, if you have any questions or want to learn more about this exciting event series, please get in touch with the museum, and their team will be able to assist. A world of fun is in store, so make it out to this solar soiree!

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