Thomas Edison State University Builds On Collaboration With edX

Thomas Edison State University (TESU) recently announced the expansion of its partnership with edX, a major online learning platform by 2U, Inc. Thomas Edison State University will be joining institutions like Harvard University, New York University, and Arizona State University to offer courses through edX’s MicroBachelors program. While TESU has been offering course credit through this program since 2020, this announcement marks the university’s first program offering.

Thomas Edison State University will now be offering its Critical Information Literacy program as a part of the edX MicroBachelors initiative. MicroBachelors courses are designed with adult learners in mind, offering hands-on, transferable skills to empower students to thrive in the workforce. MicroBachelors curriculums are developed with industry leaders and academic professionals so that participants, whether newly entering or returning to college education, will have the tools needed to stand out in the job market.

The MicroBachelors program also offers learners flexibility and efficiency in participating students. Adult and non-traditional learners face unique challenges when entering higher education, but edX and its collaborators are working together to help to ease that burden.

When asked about what aspects of this program will have the most value for prospective students, Dr. Jeffrey Harmon, Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Institutional Effectiveness, stated “For 50 years Thomas Edison State University has helped learners complete their degrees by recognizing college-level learning wherever and however it may occur. The TESU/edX partnership allows students to take courses from a variety of educational providers backed by TESU’s credit for prior learning evaluation method. This partnership represents another innovation where TESU is removing obstacles and barriers between students and their educational and career goals.”

When asked about what this program means for Trenton, Dr. Harmon went on to note that “Thomas Edison State University’s leadership team has redoubled its efforts in supporting New Jersey’s families by making college more affordable while offering the education needed to obtain better jobs and economic prosperity. The accessibility the edX/TESU partnership offers, its cost-effectiveness, and its immediate application to the workplace are probably the most significant benefits to our community and for anyone who comes to TESU to expand their skill set or advance their education. What’s more, it levels the playing field for anyone seeking high-quality academic credentials.”

Thomas Edison State University is collaborating with edX and serves as a part of its broader mission to make a college education more easily accessible to working adults. When asked about the program, Dr. Merodie A. Hancock, president of TESU, stated that “we are committed to continuing breaking down the barriers of time and cost for working adults and are proud to be part of the MicroBachelors program movement.”

The Critical Information Literacy program that TESU will be offering via the MicroBachelors platform teaches students to evaluate information, seek out credible sources, and acquire reliable data amidst the slew of misinformation online. In just 12 weeks, program participants will be empowered to:

  • To differentiate between trustworthy and misleading information;
  • To find and use accurate online information sources;
  • To understand and use accurate information for work in college and your career;
  • To use proper citation of information in formal writing for college and work;
  • To understand plagiarism and how to avoid it.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please visit Thomas Edison State University’s program page here: MicroBachelors in Information Literacy. More information regarding the MicroBachelors initiative can be found here: edX – MicroBachelors Programs

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