Box Lacrosse Makes its Way to Trenton New Jersey

A group of professional Box Lacrosse players are coming together to form a team in Trenton, New Jersey at Cure Insurance Arena; along with six other initial markets that will host the seasonal sport. Trenton will host and help further grow this brand of Box Lacrosse.

Though, you are most likely wondering what is “Box Lacrosse” or even “Lacrosse.” Well, Field Lacrosse is practically the root or starter of Lacrosse. It’s where you are part of a team of ten players on each team if you are a male, while females usually have twelve on the field; it is one of the three major lacrosse games played internationally by both men and females. Field Lacrosse is a full-contact outdoor sport for males while females have limited contact. Box lacrosse is a indoor version of Field Lacrosse, with the only difference being that weather conditions won’t falter player’s actions.

The Professional Box Lacrosse Association (PBLA) is on this mission to introduce Box Lacrosse to the seven initial markets such as Trenton, due to the opportunity to bring in more people who may enjoy the sport and improve the game. The goal is to bring back American players to compete in a non-stop, high-energy, riveting contest that will bring any fan to their feet and be shown why this sport is the fastest growing in the century.

Not only that, Russ Buller who is a multiple award-winning athlete with an illustrious career as a competitor, coach, and manager, will be joining the PBLA as the league’s Chief Player Performance Officer.

Also, due to PBLA going to different locations, they are also allowing people of the whatever County you live in choose the team name! Submissions will be closed on August 2nd, and if the name you submitted gets selected you will earn yourself a pair of season tickets for the sport. You can also use the link provided to submit a team name. Submit a Team Name • PBLA

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