Trenton Public Pools Open with a Mayoral Splash

Mayor Reed Gusciora was pushed into the Hetzel Pool by a group of Trenton youth. “Every year, I’m determined not to be pushed in. But this seems to be the third year I’m pushed into the pool.” Mayor Reed Gusciora said. “ It’s good for the kids. They enjoy it. Not so much for the adult that gets pushed in… but it’s worth it.“

Maria Richardson, Director of the department of recreation, natural resources, and culture, explained that they had had this tradition every year. 

“Well, this is the official opening of our five pools,” Richardson said. “This is the day of the official opening. ”On May 19, 2021, the Department of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture received an “Excellence in Design” award from NJ Parks and Recreation Association for the Hetzel Pool and spray-ground redevelopment project.

“Trenton youth need structured activities and programming. And what we try to do here at the pools and parks is to do that. So basically, our pool is open from 8 am to 830pm for the entire summer, so there’s something for them to do literally all day,” Paul Harris, Management Assistant for the City of Trenton, said. 

He was happy to see Mayor Gusciora having fun with the kids and swimming in the pool.  “I feel great about it. I listen. I think people need to know that our pools are safe, they’re open, and by the mayor coming here and engaging and being so friendly and open. I think it shows that listen; we’re open for business,” Harris said.  

Currently, Trenton has five different pools across the city. There is Cooper Pool on 396 Union Street,  Father Rocco Pool on 1501 New Willow Street, Hetzel Pool on 190 North Olden Avenue, Martin Luther King Pool on 347 Brunswick Avenue, and Roberto Clemente Pool on 342 Academy Street

“That provides a lot of joy for the families… They could spend time with their kids but also engage them in useful activities,” Mayor Gusciora said. “  We want a city that has a full experience for all generations.” 

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