Community Trust Brings Meals to Unity Square Park

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Volunteers came out to Unity Square Park to hand out free food to those in need. The Community Trust Kings and Queens is a non-profit organization with a mission to serve the Trenton community. The leader and founder of the non-profit is Jermaine White, a Trenton resident who strives to help his community. 

Nateshea Fenderson, a Community Trust volunteer, said “Everyone in the organization got together everything needed for the feeding, from desserts, to the meats, to the vegetables, to the waters. Everything is nonprofit, from Community Trust.”

Trenton residents got to choose a meal of corn, mac and cheese, string beans, alfredo, baked chicken, tuna salad, tossed salad, white rice, yellow rice, and taco salad. Marlon Nurse, a volunteer with Community Trust, said that this was one of the best ways to celebrate mothers day. 

“Well, it’s Mother’s Day. We are here just trying to give back to the community. This is nothing new. We’ve been doing this for a while… Happy Mother’s Day to the Mothers that are out there,  and happy Mother’s Day to the fathers that are mothers as well,” Nurse said.

The group pitched their tent and made camp on the windy Mother’s Day afternoon. Kids held signs pointing the way, other volunteers talked to residents that came to the table, and others packed food away. Yahira Burgos, Vice President of Community Trust, said that they always work as a team. 

“We all do everything together like we all work as a team so if one can’t do what the next person can…there’s a lot of people that don’t have the opportunity to come out or have a hot meal or have people like us…working hard days to make somebody smile for one day. That means a lot to us,” Burgos said. 

She continued to say that this is one of the best ways for her and her son to celebrate.  “I have my son out here participating in the event, which is something special to me…A lot of people don’t have their mom so us being here together right now, it’s like a regular holiday, but we’re a family, working as a family. We’re not an organization. We’re bigger than a organizations.”

The small group of seven volunteers handed out about 70 to 80 meals to the Trenton population. Volunteer Zakhiah Queen explained that the Non-profit doesn’t just hand out food but is active in the community.

“We stay focused on the kids. We got basketball going on… So it’s a good organization,” Queen said.

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