Trenton Residents Host Bushman Prank Outside of Starbucks in Downtown Trenton

April Fools’ Day came to Trenton as two jokesters in ghillie suits sat outside of the Trenton Starbucks giving people a scare and then a well-deserved laugh. 

Terry West, a resident in Trenton, was one of the two men in disguise startling Trenton residents and state workers alike. “So, we saw this on YouTube this prank. It’s usually called “Bushman” and there’s one in Texas. There’s one in Dublin and one in Spain. And we loved it,” West said. 

The “Bushman” is a popular prank where people disguise themselves as bushes in an urban setting and jolt up startling those that pass by thinking it is a regular bush. West and his prank partner Jose Riviera, decided to emulate it in downtown Trenton. “We watch it. We laugh about it all the time. So we decided to order our own ghillie suits from Amazon,” West said. 

The two sat in pots covered in plants and greenery as unaware Trenton residents and workers alike walk unknowingly into their trap of laughs. There was a lot “oh my gods” followed by laughter and smiles by anyone who walked by. People on their phones were the most susceptible followed by those who weren’t even paying attention.

Trenton resident Reggie Williams explained that he and his girlfriend didn’t even notice them until they jumped out. “I noticed that the trees were different around Starbucks and then my girl, she jumped so that made me jump as well. I got scared when she did. It was good, I like it though,” West said. 

With so much tragedy happening in the city this week, West thought it would be a good idea to get some laughs as people walked by. “We just crouched down in a pot and just startled people and we thought it would be fun for April Fools’. It was a great way to bring in some laughter at a time when there’s so much sadness,” West said. 

For those walking by, it definitely sparks joy. Emily Gutierrez, who works at the Masonic Temple, said that she thought something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what until it was too late.

“I knew something was up cause I know the area well,” she said. She still got startled by West and Riviera, though after it she laughed her heart out. “It’s just nice seeing something fun here, I think it’s spreading joy, and that’s important,” added Gutierrez.

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