City of Trenton Launches its First Neighborhood Health Clinic

The City of Trenton has opened its first neighborhood health clinic to provide vaccines, check-ups, and other critical health services at 828 N. Olden Ave, Suite 2 in Trenton.

The facility offers flu shots and COVID-19 testing, vaccines and boosters three to four days a week. Upcoming dates and times have been posted on the City’s webpage. For a list of all Trenton-area vaccine sites, including the new clinic, visit:

“This effort has been a long time coming, and we couldn’t have asked for a better team of city health and emergency personnel, nursing students and community-minded health professionals who came together to make this dream a reality,” said Mayor Gusciora. “We know COVID-19 has stressed our community in unprecedented ways, and access to quality health care – both for the body and mind – is essential to address the public safety concerns that challenge our residents every day.”

Starting in February, the City’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will arrange for general medical examinations and podiatry services, including for individuals at risk of diabetes. In addition, HHS has already finalized plans to offer mental health services at the facility. There are two ordinances currently before City Council that will allow HHS to hire a clinical psychologist and a mental health worker to run the new mental health and wellness program.

“The vaccination registration forms that we collected over the last year provided a wealth of information about the prevailing health needs in the Trenton community,” said Director of Health and Human Services Dr. Adela M. Ames-Lopez. “The inclusion of podiatry and mental health services is a great example of how we are incorporating that community input directly into our operations.”

The clinic was formed in partnership with local pharmacists, medical professionals and clinicians who are working with HHS personnel to provide the services. The facility will also be staffed with the help of nursing students from Thomas Edison State University and the College of New Jersey, who have been instrumental during previous campaigns, including the vaccine rollout early last year.

Director Lopez continued, “We could not have done it without an amazing team, including Trenton HHS and our first responders at TPD, TFD, and OEM. Nursing students at TCNJ and TESU have been so helpful and represent a bright future for the next generation of health care workers. We would also like to thank Dr. Mehmed Umeh, Dr. Philip M. Bonaparte, and Dr. Susheel Bathla, who have helped us offer these critical services for the residents who need them the most.”

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