MCCC Foundation Establishes Endowed Scholarship Fund in Memory of Three Trenton Campus Leaders

MCCC Foundation Establishes Endowed Scholarship Fund in Memory of Three Trenton Campus Leaders

The Mercer County Community College (MCCC) Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign to celebrate the legacies of three pioneering leaders at the college’s James Kerney Campus (JKC) in Trenton.

The endowed Frederick, Jones, Weaver Scholarship Fund is earmarked for JKC students in memory of Dean Edward Frederick, Assistant Dean Donald Jones Jr., and Provost and Dean Monica Weaver.

All three left major imprints on the lives of thousands of MCCC students. According to Dr. Beverly Richardson, who co-chairs the JKC Development Committee with Foundation Board member Ty Robinson, friends and colleagues of Frederick, Jones and Weaver have endowed the scholarship to ensure that the legacy of these visionary and dedicated leaders will live on and support students in perpetuity.

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“Each year the scholarship committee plans to select three students who embody their values of leadership, loyalty, and service to the college and community,” Richardson said. The committee’s goal is to raise $50,000, which will allow for the awarding of three $1,000 annual scholarships.

In addition to Richardson and Robinson, members of the JKC Development Committee include Rev. Bill Coleman, Elenora Frederick, Sam Frisby, Edward Kahn, Esq., Dan Klim, Kathy Klockenbrink, Savita Lachman, Doug Palmer, Dr. Aamir Rehman and Kai Weaver.

Richardson observes that even with financial aid, students often struggle to cover unanticipated expenses. “A lack of funding can derail students’ plans to earn their degrees,” she said. “These scholarships will go a long way to covering costs for books and other essential materials.”

Richardson, who served as provost at JKC and as former vice president for college advancement until her retirement in 2009, notes that Frederick, Jones and Weaver were student-centered and selfless. “I was very close to all three. It was an honor to work with them. They supported me in my work at the college and helped ensure that students’ needs always came first,” she said.

To donate, visit JKC Scholarships at or send a check payable to the MCCC Foundation with “JKC Scholarship” in the memo line to 1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor, NJ 08550.


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