Pause 4 Paws is Happening Today: Here’s What to Expect

The Trenton Museum at Ellarslie is hosting Pause 4 Paws today from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Cadwalader Park. Guests are invited to bring all of their furry family to spend the day with them at the free event. Jen Perks, Museum Direct or, partnered with Christina Sasso, a well-known podcast host and trustee of the museum, to bring a family fun-filled day to the park!

Cadwalader Park has a long history with animals, hosting Trenton’s very own zoo and a monkey house for visitors and tourists to enjoy. This is one of the reasons for hosting what Perks hopes to be a semi-annual event.

Part of the event is to announce that pets can be a member of the museum. “Now I know that sounds crazy,” Perks said, “because they are not even allowed in. It’s just something to [get] people’s interest and to get them to come and see what we have here.” This will include discounts to the museum, early notice of events that are happening on the grounds, and much more.

The event will begin with a non-denominational blessing of the pets to celebrate St. Francis of Assisi. Onsite will be groomers, pet trainers, a balloon man, and an art competition challenging kids to draw their favorite furry animal, as well as many other activities. Guests are encouraged to bring their own snacks. However, Philly Pretzel Factory will be available as a treat for the kids and River Horse will provide beverages for the adults.

“There’s nothing wrong with getting some takeout from a local place, sitting on a picnic bench or making a sandwich… so bring your sandwich, bring whatever,” Perks said.

Honorary Chair Mayor Reed Gusciora and Guest Emcee Bernard McMullan are expected to be at the event. Also, Trenton Animals Rock and Trenton Cats Rescue will have adoption papers for anyone who wants to add another member to their family.

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