The Church of Christ and the City of Trenton Provide Ida Disaster Relief

The Church of Christ and the City of Trenton are partnering to provide disaster relief today at The Church of Christ on 411 North Clinton Ave. The group is handing out infant care items and personal care items to residents in need from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“This is a pretty big event, specifically for disaster relief. We’re targeting Trenton, New Jersey mainly and also some some surrounding areas where people were affected by floods,” explained Raymond Brown, a Trustee for the Church.

The Church of Christ Disaster Relief Effort is a non-profit from Tennessee that helps disasters across the nation. The disaster relief effort has donated over $71,000 worth of items to be handed out today.

Brown explained that anyone is welcome to volunteer. “We have several members from the congregation who will be volunteering as we normally do,” Brown said.

People are welcome to come to pick up items they need for themselves or friends who do not have a chance to come. Community Activist Crystal Feliciano explained that when people are in need, the community will always come together to help. “We believe that it’s essential to step in during times of trouble and give as much assistance as we can to help. You know, those that are here that have been affected by the tragedy.”

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