Trenton Salvation Army helps with Ida Aftermath

The Salvation Army in partnership with the Rotary Club of Trenton went down to Lambertville on Friday to help with the flood disaster relief.

“We took on an additional assignment,” explained in a Facebook post by the club. “As part of the Emergency Disaster Services, the Salvation Army joined up with the Red Cross to provide meals to families made homeless as a result of the flash flooding in Lambertville and Flemington.” 

The Salvation Army and Rotary Club handed out flood kits and hygiene kits to the Red Cross. “We have some specialty kits,” noted Lt. Alan Porchetti, head of the Trenton Area Salvation Army. “It’s pretty much a bargain with a broom, a mop, a bottle of Pine-Sol, it’s got a bottle of bleach in it.”

The team arrived at South Hunterdon Regional High School at 6:30 a.m. and waited for the clients for one and half hours before the red cross asked for the food and the flood kits. This was after serving over 100 meals at four different stops in Trenton.

According to the Facebook post, the Red Cross found homes for the victims and prepared 25 meals to be delivered. 

Charles Parkerson, Charlie as he is known by most, explained that with the flood kits and Hygiene kits comes a meal, spaghetti and meat sauce with a homemade brownie. “Every week, we serve homemade treats, whether it be a brownie, cookie, something that just to trying to highlight their day and make it a little more delightful for them,” explained Parkerson.

The Rotary Club services the community through a canteen truck, a one-stop shop for emergencies, and delivering hot food. The truck is equipped with a full kitchen and service area, allowing for food to be made and served to the communities. 

“It’s very rewarding,” Charlie explained. “These people are so grateful that we’re there on the street to help them, you know, they can’t thank us enough.” To find out more information about the Trenton Rotary Club and the Salvation Army, head and 

This article was updated on 9/7/2021 at 2:40.


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