City of Trenton Announces Partnership with Mobile Parking App

On Friday, March 5, Mayor W. Reed Gusciora announced a partnership between the City of Trenton and Flowbird giving city residents the ability to pay for their parking via the mobile Flowbird app instead of using the traditional parking meters or kiosks.

Parking zones will be marked by numbered stickers on each kiosk. The app is now available to all residents and visitors on both iOS and Google Play marketplaces.

Once users register, they will be able to pay for parking, receive notifications when their time is about the expire and can add additional time from the app. However, residents and visitors will still be able to pay with bills and coins if they prefer. Trenton Parking Enforcement will be properly trained on how to utilize the app and determine which cars have properly paid.

“Giving Trenton residents an additional way to pay for parking is a no-brainer,” said Mayor Gusciora. “I know there’s nothing more frustrating than getting a parking ticket when the meter runs out. Being able to keep track of parking time and having the ability to pay for it without going back to the meter will help Trentonians and visitors on the go.”

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