NJTLT Receives 18 Macbook Airs for new Minecraft Education Program

National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton (NJTLT) received 18 Apple MacBook Air computers from Bloomberg LLP to help support the need for compatible technology for its new Minecraft Education program, implemented early on during the pandemic as a way to keep students engaged in a virtual learning environment. Bloomberg LLP has partnered with NJTLT bridging the gap to the under-resourced community of Trenton by supplying the students with much-needed computers.

Bob Loonie, Executive Director of NJTLT, indicated to Bloomberg LLP that one of the biggest challenges was the technology. Students were sharing a family computer or participating in Minecraft Education on a cell phone which is not an ideal situation.

NJTLT piloted two sessions called “Rally to Educate” using Minecraft Education and Zoom technologies together in the Summer and in the Fall of 2020. Currently, the organization is running a Winter session to students in the Trenton community.

Minecraft Education is a fun, interactive learning tool to help children learn through engaging online STEM-focused project based learning rather than the traditional way through textbooks. It’s a virtual building of games that children thoroughly enjoy, while using their creativity to build. “Rally to Educate” supplements what is being missed in a classroom environment by focusing more on the social emotional learning opportunities that build respect for individual and collaborative efforts.

NJTLT has continued to provide both after school learning and tennis programs continuously throughout this pandemic, and has become very creative in adapting their approach due to ever changing pandemic restrictions.

To learn more about National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton please visit our website at: www.njtloftrenton.org

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