Trenton COVID-19 Business Restrictions Extended Until February

The City of Trenton’s COVID-19 restrictions that limit when businesses can stay open will now remain in place until Feb. 5, 2021 according to an announcement by Mayor W. Reed Gusciora on January 7, 2021. Restrictions, however, have been eased on outdoor dining pursuant to related state guidelines.

“With widespread vaccination still some time away, the best defense against COVID-19 remains wearing a mask, social distancing, and getting tested if you have symptoms,” said Mayor Gusciora. “While we cannot ease our COVID-19 restrictions until we assess the impact of holiday gatherings on Trenton infection rates, we will be making additional free testing available for Trenton residents next week.”

This amended order is the third extension for the restrictions that were originally scheduled to last until Dec. 5, 2020. Trenton has had a total of 6,112 COVID-19 cases and 83 related deaths to date.

Mayor Gusciora’s amended State of Emergency instructions are as follows, with a change for outdoor dining:

  • All Trenton businesses, including restaurants, bars and convenience stores must close at 10:00 p.m. daily. Gas stations may stay open only to dispense gas. This declaration does not affect “essential” businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, medical supply stores, and healthcare facilities.
  • Outdoor dining, takeout and delivery services may continue after 10:00 p.m. provided that no parties congregate inside or outside the establishment.
  • All city residents are encouraged to remain indoors after 10:00 p.m.
  • All city residents should wear masks and practice social distancing techniques as recommended by the CDC by avoiding large crowds, and, whenever possible, keeping six feet from other people.
  • All city residents are strongly encouraged to avoid indoor gatherings and not host visitors from states that are on the Governor’s travel advisory list.

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