Trenton Downtown Association Holds Holiday Decoration Contest

In an effort to bring in some lighthearted, seasonal fun, the Trenton Downtown Association (TDA) has been holding a holiday decoration contest for local businesses throughout the city. The organization is asking for Trentonians to decide on a winner.

Throughout the month of December, TDA invited every business located in downtown Trenton to submit photos of their decorated storefront windows for the holidays. “We felt that there was a need to include the business owners, because we always focus a lot on the consumers,” said Amanda Donald, Marketing Manager for TDA. “So the best way to do that was to try to get them in the holiday spirit.”

The competition had multiple storefront decoration submissions. TDA has narrowed down submissions to five local businesses and is calling on the city to select a winner. The winning business will be granted free marketing help, valued at $750, from TDA’s marketing agency.

Each finalist decorated their storefront with a unique take on the holiday season. As of right now, Royal Cake Creations is leading the competition with 27 likes on Facebook. However, the competition isn’t over yet. Residents have until tomorrow, January 8, 2021, to like their favorite photo and vote on a winner. “Everyone’s taking part,” said Donald. “It’s up to the consumers who wins.”

Donald said, “There’s four things. They’re going to get a custom graphic or logo refresh; they’re going to get free consultation for their social media channels, even if they don’t have one, they’ll still get a consultation. They’ll get a Facebook and Instagram page makeover. If they don’t have one, it will be created… They’ll also get a photoshoot to take some pictures of their product merchandise.”

She continued, “We’ve been encouraging them to find ways to up their marketing, so this is just one way to kind of push them to be able to win the service from a marketing agency.” To help your favorite shop win these marketing opportunities, visit the Trenton Downtown Association on Facebook and like the best photo.

The first finalist for the storefront competition is Royal Cake Creations located on 9 North Willow Street. The new cupcake shop decorated their wall-sized window with chic, light pink and white Christmas decor, highlighting both their baked goods and the holiday spirit.

Royal Cake Creations TDA Holiday Decoration Submission.

The second finalist with a decorated storefront is Downtown Deli. Located at 118 South Warren Street, Downtown Deli placed an life-size Christmas tree in their business window. Classically decorated with red, green, gold and silver ornaments, the tree is surrounded with sparkling holiday lights that brighten the business.

Downtown Deli TDA Holiday Decoration Submission.

Third on the list of finalists is Downtown Deli’s neighbor, State Barber Shop at 116 South Warren Street. Run by the well-known “Mayor of South Warren Street,” Joe Festa, State Barber Shop is decorated just as timelessly as its owner. Like Downtown Deli, State Barber Shop has a large Christmas tree in the storefront window right behind the notorious business sign.

State Barber Shop TDA Holiday Decoration Submission.

Further up the road you have the fourth finalist, Karl Weidel Insurance. At 23 South Warren Street, the insurance company decorated the wide windows of their storefront with winter snowflakes. Through the glass, you can see their Christmas tree wearing a bright red Santa Claus hat.

Karl Weidel Insurance TDA Holiday Decoration Submission.

The fifth and final finalist in the holiday storefront decoration contest is R Giaquinto Shoe Repair at 115 South Warren Street. At this shoe repair shop, Santa Claus himself resides atop a red pedestal with an electric candle and his naughty and nice list. The shop took a punny twist and decorated their Christmas tree with shoe and sock ornaments, as well as tiny angels.

R Giaquinto Shoe Repair TDA Holiday Decoration Submission.


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