A Holiday Miracle: 11 Year Old Boy Battling Leukemia Receives Wonderful Surprise

This past holiday season, Kashaun Lawhorn, an 11-year-old boy who has been fighting leukemia since the age of two, received a wonderful surprise from the Corey McNair Foundation. After learning of Kashaun, who has endured hospitalizations due to leukemia, Corey McNair knew felt compelled to assist in any way that he could.

Kashaun Lawhorn poses by check and gift donations

McNair, who had served with Andre Lawhorn, the father of Kashaun, witnessed the perseverance of this family going amid these challenging times. After being interviewed to share Kashaun’s story on the Foundation Facebook page, in less than two weeks, more than $2800 had been raised in financial support.

Kashaun Lawhorn, a strong fighter and warrior since day one, has since touched the hearts of community residents and law enforcement members alike, simply hoping to spread the message of power in overcoming anything. The passion and determination of community members and law enforcement associates came to fruition as waves of monetary contributions and gift were donated in support.

Heartfelt deeds from the community with hopes to ensure Kashaun an unforgettable experience blossomed. Trenton artists showed their support by hand painting and designing marvel characters onto a wheelchair; residents put forth gifts of an Xbox and electronic devices; and many organization members including the President of the Supervisors Union provided monetary contributions.

“I would just tell him hey man, continue doing a great job you are doing in school…you have to keep remembering that you are a king, you are a true warrior and I’m proud of you. I love you…I want you to keep doing the great job you are doing.”          -Andre Lawhorn

“Detective McNair, I want to thank you and your foundation…Have a happy holiday.”

Corey McNair Foundation coverage on NBC 10

“We can all agree 2020 was a tough year with Covid-19, so many families were affected, people lost jobs, homes, and relatives,” Corey McNair stated. “Doing something like this to support an individual who has been fighting, spreads that message of hope….that greater days are ahead of us if we come together as one to make a significant change.”

Having assisted four seniors in the Trenton community by rejuvenating their homes, raising funds to support and prevent eviction, and implementing assistance within each ward, the Corey McNair Foundation will not stop as they continue to provide support for all individuals young and old. Kashaun Lawhorn has been selected as the first child to experience the fruits of the project, and he will not be the last.

For more information on Kashaun’s story visit https://www.facebook.com/113004003830466/videos/853253892180865/

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