MCCC Unveils New Micro-Credential Courses Available

On December 15, 2020, Mercer County Community College (MCCC) announced the offerings of new micro-credential courses. The virtual courses, available beginning January of 2021, will be offered to students nationwide.

The new compressed courses were designed to keep on pace with the global technological changes and the demands for skilled employees in the workforce. These courses are meant to assist students, working professionals, lifelong learners and businesses alike.

MCCC micro-credentials are a new type of flexible and focused competency-based model that compresses learning into short-term stackable modules. According to MCCC’s publication, News @ MCCC, “micro-credentials speed up the education process to allow learners to develop expertise and knowledge quickly to remain relevant, reskill or upskill, get a promotion, break into a new career or start a business.”

“MCCC’s first micro-credential courses will focus on areas within computer and information sciences and support services as well as entrepreneurial management,” said Robert Schreyer, MCCC’s vice president for academic affairs. “These courses can help a high school graduate land a first job in a just a few months while completing their college degree, put a working professional on a fast-track for a promotion or salary increase, assist someone who wants to change careers completely or start a new business. We believe these flexible programs fill a real need in our fast-paced world.”

Those who complete these micro-credential course will receive an academic certificate of achievement along with college credit that can be used toward an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent may enroll in the new offered courses.  Registration is now open for the following courses: Entrepreneurial Management with classes such as Accounting, Business Law and Human Resources Management; IT Concepts and Skills Associate with classes such as Introduction to Programming, Fundamentals of Computer Development and MySQL Databases; Oracle SQL Programming and Database Design Associate with classes such as Computer Concepts with Programming, PL/SQL Programming, Database Concepts and Oracle SQL and Information Technology System Analyst with courses such as Intro to Programming, Project Management Concepts, PC Applications and Systems Analysis.

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