National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton Awarded Bloomberg LLP Grants

National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton (NJTLT) has been awarded two grants from Bloomberg LLP in the amount totaling $27,500. The grants support NJTLT’s new educational Minecraft Education program and for the continuation of their Ashe Elite Tennis program.

Minecraft Education was implemented early on during the pandemic as a way to keep students engaged in a virtual learning environment. The Bloomberg grants will help cover the costs of the training and hiring of additional teachers, technology support along with creating User Guides to be used for the control of content and consistency of curriculum.

NJTLT piloted two sessions they call “Rally to Educate” using Minecraft Education and Zoom technologies together; one in the Summer and one in the Fall. January 11, 2021 the program will officially roll out to under-resourced students in the Trenton community.

Minecraft Education is an interactive learning tool to help children learn nontraditionally through engaging online STEM focused, project based learning. Minecraft Education is virtual building of games that children thoroughly enjoy, while using their creativity to build. “Rally to Educate” supplements what is being missed in a classroom environment by focusing more on the social emotional learning opportunities that build respect for individual and collaborative efforts.

NJTLT has continued to provide both after school learning and tennis programs continuously throughout this pandemic, and has become very creative in adapting their approach due to ever changing pandemic restrictions.

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