The City Declares December 1st #GivingTRENTON Day

In 2012, the nation declared the Tuesday following Thanksgiving #GivingTuesday, a National Day of Giving. The day was designed to combat the consumerism associated with the post-Thanksgiving season by highlighting and supporting non-profits and charity work within the country.

For a local twist, this year, Mayor Reed Gusciora issued a proclamation declaring December 1, 2020 #GivingTRENTON day as a way of recognizing the crucial non-profit work The City of Trenton provides for the community.

During the day, all non-profits and residents of Trenton are encouraged to support our community by acts of kindness or donations. In addition, Trentonians are urged to use #GivingTRENTON on all social media platforms and other means as a way of inspiring and encouraging donors to “give locally” and keep resources within the community.

#GivingTRENTON day is meant to unite The City of Trenton and its residents while acknowledging the challenging work organizations within the city continue to do, especially during the extra strenuous time of the COVID-19 pandemic. On this day, local non-profits will be spearheading their own fundraising efforts as well as uplifting the community with the spirit of generosity.

The national #GivingTuesday celebration raised $511 million online donations and an estimated $1.46 billion offline donations for non-profit work and other causes in 2019 alone. The City of Trenton hopes that with the declaration of #GivingTRENTON day, Trenton is able to come together, rally for good causes and build a stronger sense of community.


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