TESU Offers Additional Credits through edX.org MicroBachelors Program

Thomas Edison State University (TESU) will now offer college credit for a College of IT, Western Governors University’s MicroBachelors program “Introduction to Information Technology” and for Doane University’s “Marketing Essentials,” through edX.org.

A significant milestone in online learning, the MicroBachelors program offered through edX.org is delivering immediately transferable skills to meet the real-world needs of employers, while providing a pathway to a full bachelor’s degree.

“We are pleased to continue expanding this collaboration with edX and help to provide access to high-quality undergraduate education for nontraditional students and workers through the MicroBachelors programs,” said Dr. Merodie A. Hancock, president, Thomas Edison State University. “By recognizing MicroBachelors programs for credit, we are creating yet another diverse and alternative method to gain access to a relevant and affordable undergraduate education.”

Designed to assist nontraditional students, the MicroBachelors program benefits adults without college degrees who believe they need additional education to advance in their careers.

According to edX, the majority of Americans cannot afford a traditional bachelor’s degree and cannot take the time away from work to pursue one. With the addition of the fast-paced technological advancement that are affecting the global workforce, adults are in need of immediately transferable skills that can be delivered in months, not years. To add towards this opportunity, TESU is planning to offer a few of its own courses through the edX platform.

The new MicroBachelors programs offered are priced affordably between $500 and $1,500 (roughly $166 per credit) and can be completed fully online, allowing working adults to complete the course work on their own schedule. Since these programs are also backed by credit, once they are earned, learners can elect credit at no additional cost from edX’s credit partner, TESU.

“TESU joins us in providing credit and pathways to full TESU bachelor’s degrees and in signaling to employers that the MicroBachelors programs are rigorous enough to be credit grade and equip learners with applicable knowledge,” said TESU edX Founder and CEO Anant Agarwal. “TESU shares edX’s commitment to delivering flexible, affordable pathways to high-quality undergraduate education.”

As TESU and edX broaden educational opportunities for nontraditional students, they hope to encourage valuable education on all levels. Agarwal said, “As an institution providing credit for MicroBachelors programs on edX, the first credit-backed stackable credential, Thomas Edison State University plays an integral role in the launch of these innovative programs.”

To learn more about MicroBachelors programs on edX, visit tesu.edu/degree-completion/edx or edx.org/microbachelors.



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