Trent House Celebrates 300 Years by Digging Up History

On Saturday, October 10, 2020, the Trent House Association will be celebrating its 300 year birthday by hosting a virtual event on archaeological evidence of Native American life.

The virtual event will be hosted by Richard Adamczyk, an archaeologist from the historic preservation consulting firm, Richard Grubb & Associates Inc. Mr. Adamczyk spent his time at Monmouth University graduate school studying, researching and analyzing Native American history and its occupation at the Trent House. Currently, he is the Second Vice President of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey.

The Trent House, named after its original home owner, William Trent, the founder of Trenton, New Jersey, is dedicated to bringing the 1720s alive for the 21st century. Since its purchase by the City of Trenton, the Trent House Association has used the site for many public tours and presentations in hopes of sharing the historical significance of the house with the community.

Saturday’s presentation will provide attendees with an overview of prehistoric archaeology in New Jersey. In addition, Mr. Adamczyk will be showcasing historical artifacts that illustrate evidence of the extensive time period that Native Americans occupied the Trent House site. Through this presentation, Mr. Adamczyk will explain how the Trent House site fits into the greater complex of ancient archaeological sites in Trenton and how that correlates with its surrounding areas and locations.

The event is currently set for 1:00 p.m. via Zoom. For more information, visit


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