Andre Williams: Resurrecting Families, Homes and Dreams

Andre Williams, a real estate developer in the city of Trenton who has owned three day cares and preschools for over 17 years, is the founder of 501(c)(3) community service non-profit organization One Heaven Inc., which sets out to “resurrect families, homes, and dreams.” His mission is to make individuals whole within all aspects of their lives, starting from infancy to adulthood. His organization works with families in the community to provide housing, childcare, and training to help those seeking employment.

In partnership with construction company Bass Contracting LLC, One Heaven Inc. offers a training program where 15 individuals ages 14 to 21 are taught the fundamentals of the construction trade, ranging from plumbing, carpentry to masonry, roofing, framing and sheet-rocking. Many students who complete the workforce development training are eventually hired to work for the construction company.

A new edition of the training program titled Fresh Start Training Academy LLC is set to establish soon and holds a curriculum intended to not only train people in the construction field, but to also train those in the nursing and real estate fields. The initiative aims help students acquire home health aide licenses and real estate licenses.

As a developer, Williams rehabs properties that are often donated to the non-profit to be transformed into affordable housing properties, or in the case of commercial properties, converted into daycare centers, preschools, offices, restaurants or any other business.

Recently, the non-profit purchased two multi-family properties to further help individuals that are going through rough transitions in need of housing assistance and to ensure that they are equipped with stabilization with transitioning housing. Ultimately the goal is for them to become homeowners by training them up to be employed with the organization.

“As a developer, when I look at it, the city is a gold mine, an untapped market for real estate developers, it’s an untapped market for people who want to get into real-estate and make some money,” says Williams “70% of the people who live here are renters they don’t own homes while 30% of the people who live her own homes, so as we develop programs through our non-profit, that teach financial literacy, and economic development, we’re helping people who rent become homeowners.”

“Our mission is to empower the residents that live here, we want to equip them with the information that will allow them to invest in their city, we want to help them become homeowners.”

As an advocate of bringing strategies and teaching individuals the fundamentals of real estate investment, Williams has authored a book titled “Everybody’s a Real Estate investor yes even you” to teach strategies while comparing spiritual principles intended for people to get a deeper understanding. He also hosts a podcast every week on economic and development and believes that continuously sharing information will plant that seed.

Williams describes the experience of his journey in honor of his father who is responsible for teaching him the construction trade at such a young age which fueled something in his spirit that has now harvested into him owning multiple properties, with close to 50 employees all while being raised right here in Trenton.

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