Jasi Edwards: Trenton Community Activist Striving for a Change

Filled with passion and conviction, community activist Jasi Edwards has been on a mission to transform communities from a very young age. At just 23 years old, she organized the Trenton March against gun violence on November 4th, 2012 to bring attention to a problem that continues to plague urban cities across America.

To help unify the city of Trenton, Edwards has gathered volunteers and donors to sow back into the community with a variety of events. One key gathering is Family Fun Day, a free community event for the public hosted at Cadwalader Park featuring free food, prizes, rides and children activities. The event also gives local businesses a chance to make their mark. 

Edwards is the founder of Operation Rebuild Trenton, a New Jersey State non-profit that utilizes its members to organize volunteers and solicit donations that provide resources and supplies for community clean-ups and activities for children. The organization also offers voter registration and aims to engage residents in community affairs. By going door to door and soliciting sign-ups for civic neighborhood committees, the initiative sets out to reverse a disconnect that prevents residents of Trenton from coming together to make their immediate community better. Ultimately, Operation Rebuild Trenton hopes to get residents more involved civically and socially. 

Edwards, who has worked for Congresswowan Bonnie Watson Coleman ever since she was an assemblywoman in 2014, is a real estate investor in the city of Trenton who owns three investment properties in the Southward and holds a skill set of teaching and training others about home ownership.

“My mission is to continue being apart of that goal to unite Trenton. it is not going to be done with just one organization or one person doing it.  it’s about connecting with other non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals that are doing something for the community…that way we can all work together to make it a better place.” 

Edwards seeks to continue rebuilding that village in Trenton, where neighbors looked out for one another, where children were looked out for and where wrongdoings were reported. As a community leader she strives to continue assisting residents in obtaining employment, providing entrepreneurs with a platform to promote their business, and organizing events to give residents in the community something to do.

Continuing her journey, Edwards looks to provide essential resources and outlets throughout the city that decrease high rates of gun violence and crimes, all in an effort to restore that unity and pull the community back together.

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