Bridging the Gap: Law Enforcement and Trenton Residents

On July 19, 2020, Trenton Police Department Detective Corey McNair publicly launched the Corey McNair Foundation, an initiative established to facilitate community service projects, build relationships and spark dialogue between law enforcement and Trenton residents.

Recognizing the current state that the nation, the Corey McNair Foundation strives to do more for the city of Trenton, specifically in conjunction with law enforcement and the minority community as a whole. Conjoined with local stakeholders, schools, and businesses, the foundation aspires to unify residents across all demographic lines. With an aim to provide resources necessary to local Trenton community members, the organization seeks to make the Capital City a safer and more inclusive place for everyone. 

“In order to actively gain the trust of the community, we have to show our residents that we care, that we are there for them especially during times like these,” said Corey McNair, Trenton Police Department Detective. “It is time to start having these important conversations and asking those tough questions that minority communities are curious to know.”

The foundation aspires to create a platform to allow people to express themselves. The goal is for two parties to actively engage in a series of conversations with tough questions that address our current nation, including the experiences minorities are facing today and have been facing for decades. 

With a passion to help the community, Corey McNair has engaged in service projects with efforts to ensure that Trenton residents are being well taken care of. Not too long ago, Mcnair organized over 40 volunteers over $1,000 to aid and assist a next-door neighbor who had trouble with her backyard. Together these individuals cleaned out and repaired the 95-year-old’s backyard, making it more safe and accessible for her. 

When notified about another elder, who in this case was enduring a foreclosure after being a homeowner for over 60 years, McNair and others were able to raise money in days, getting her into a new home. 

The Corey McNair Foundation is an impactful way to encourage others to do good things while connecting law enforcement in the city with the minority community. It’s a great initiative that will bring two collectives together in a way that echoes the phase “together we can make a change.”

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