Volunteer Groups Reduce Burden on Animal Shelters amid Pandemic

With the Trenton Animal Shelter recently reopening to the public at limited capacity to accommodate the COVID-19 safety regulations, two volunteer organizations known as the Trenton Animals Rock and Trenton Cats have used their passion and kindness to care for animals throughout the capital city.

Trenton Animals Rock, a team of volunteers that dedicate their time to caring for dogs around the Trenton area, have assisted the city in many ways. For more than two years Trenton Animals Rock volunteers have served the city by walking dogs and cleaning the Trenton Animal Shelter. They also serve by reaching out to the public to find the best homes for all dogs that come through the doors of the Trenton Animal Shelter. The organization has also covered the cost of minor and major medical bills totaling $100,000 and over to care for animals in need.

“Trenton Animals Rock is so proud of the amazing team of volunteers who show up every day to make lives better for the animals while in the shelter and who work so hard to find new homes for them when needed,” said Danielle Gletow, Founder of Trenton Animals Rock. “Our partnership with the city has yielded incredible results and we are excited to keep working with the staff and the administration on improving shelter conditions and enhancing animal welfare.”

Trenton Cats, another non-profit volunteer organization that is dedicated to pursuing humane choices for cats living in Trenton, NJ, has also actively responded to the pandemic shutdown by transitioning cats from shelters and foster care to permanent homes.

The hard work and dedication of both organizations results in dozens of saved animal lives in the Trenton community. For more information on volunteering or helping with Trenton Cats, visit http://www.trentoncats.org/volunteer and for more information on Trenton Animals Rock, http://www.tarnj.org.


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