Back to School with UrbanPromise Trenton

September is already well underway, and back-to-school season is officially upon us. Our community’s kiddos are back in the classroom, and it’s finally time to return to your routine. While days may be occupied with learning and laughter, what should students do after school? Thankfully, here in Trenton, there are countless opportunities for your little one to keep busy even after the day. One such option is the UrbanPromise Trenton, a proud enrichment provider to Trenton’s budding learners.

UrbanPromise Trenton provides youth in grades 1 through 8 after-school support, including homework assistance, specialized tutoring, recreational time, enrichment opportunities, healthy snacks, and dinner. The AfterSchool Drop-In program is available at various sites throughout the city, including 801 West State Street and 601 N Clinton Avenue. This flexible, fun program empowers our community’s students to continue learning long after the school day is complete. You can read more about the after-school program and enroll your student here: AfterSchool Drop-In.

In addition to programming for 1st-8th grade, there are opportunities for high school students. As high schoolers, students can join Urban Promise’s StreetLeaders program. This empowers high school students to serve as mentors to younger students and play a part in empowering the next generation. Academics are at the core of the StreetLeaders initiative, offering resources including Youth College Readiness and other teen-focused programs. This paid opportunity can provide students with meaningful work experience, academic enrichment, and a hands-on chance to give back to the community. Additional details and StreetLeader applications can be found here: StreetLeaders.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Sean McFadden, Executive Director of UrbanPromise Trenton, about its after-school program and the incredible things the organization is up to this school year. Discussing the program’s mission, McFadden stated, “The mission and the goal being what we’re trying to accomplish is building the whole child. I believe in community building through education, so the main focus is educating the whole child: reading, writing, literacy, financial literacy, social-emotional learning, and one-on-one tutoring. It’s about giving all age groups the resources to have a choice once they finish high school on what they want to do with their lives.”

When asked what sorts of testimonies he’s seen from program graduates, McFadden noted, “The greatest impact I’ve seen is that students who graduate from the program come back and work for us. One of our site directors has been in the program since high school, and our assistant site coordinator has been there since high school. So they come back, and they give back to the community.”

Although children age out of the after-school program at 18, by no means does that mean the support and enrichment end? Reflecting on the program graduates who have gone on to further education, he said, “The biggest thing that they have received is being able to have that structure and guidance, especially those that go on to college. We still help them through college, offer scholarship money, and ensure they get the tutoring and support they need through all four years.”

This program is no doubt a labor of love and would not be possible without the support of community members like you. If you are interested in helping these children on their educational journey, there is always a need for tutors and other volunteers. The AfterSchool Drop-In program ultimately seeks to provide one-on-one tutoring for each of their pupils, so anyone interested in participating in it is welcome to inquire.

While discussing the ins and outs of the program, McFadden emphasized, “I just want everyone to know that we’re here. We’re around, we’re available, we’re here for the community. We want to help build this community arm in arm.” With an unwavering commitment to youth guiding everything they do, there is no doubt that this program can transform the lives of participating students now and in the future.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the AfterSchool Drop-In program, registration is available here: Register – AfterSchool. If you wish to get involved and volunteer to support this incredible work, additional details can be found here: Get Involved – UrbanPromise. Don’t miss the chance to make this your child’s best school year yet – be sure to register today!

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