Princeton Hydro Awarded 2023 New Good Neighbor Award

In honor of its commitment to Trenton and its residents, Princeton Hydro has been recognized by the New Jersey Business & Industry Association for the 2023 New Good Neighbor Award, highlighting companies and commercial organizations contributing to economic development while prioritizing aesthetic value and sustainability in their daily operations. Princeton Hydro’s stunning headquarters in the former Roebling Carpentry Shop is one of the latest projects to emerge in the ever-evolving Wirerope District.

As one of the most iconic districts in Trenton, the Roebling Block region is home to an abundance of historic properties that serve as a living testament to the rich industrial past of Trenton. When Princeton Hydro moved in, they took special consideration to restore and refurbish the iconic property they now call home. The building’s restoration began in 2021 when Princeton Hydro teamed up with Trenton-based Architecture and Planning firm Clarke Caton Hintz. With immense encouragement from the City of Trenton and Greater Trenton, the organization quickly got to work on the renovation process. With the addition of this headquarters, it has provided the city with benefits such as job creation, architectural merit, economic benefit, and so much more.

Per Geoffrey Goll, President of Princeton Hydro, “Trenton has welcomed us with open arms, and we are grateful to be part of this community. We are honored to be selected for the New Good Neighbor Award and hope to inspire other businesses to join us here in Trenton.”

From the beginning of the process to the present day, the community has welcomed and encouraged this growth. When Princeton Hydro first came to town, George Sowa, CEO of Greater Trenton, noted, “The move represents a wonderful partnership between a professional firm with big ideas and commitments, the hard work of City staff, and Greater Trenton’s assistance with marketing and logistics. This is a win-win for all involved, and we are excited to welcome Princeton Hydro to Trenton.”

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Since Princeton Hydro officially opened its operations in Trenton, it has transcended far beyond just a place of business. Princeton Hydro has opened its doors to organizations throughout the city and frequently donates the use of its space to local non-profits. Some of the many events that Princeton Hydro has hosted include Passage Theatre’s “Trenton Makes Heroes” Fundraiser, Trenton Historical Society’s Annual Stop The Wrecking Ball, New Jersey Environmental Lobby’s Annual Award Dinner, and Revolutionary Trenton’s Launch Event. Princeton Hydro has also made philanthropic donations to organizations throughout the community, helping improve the quality of life in the Capital City.

A transformative business in every sense of the word, the City of Trenton is fortunate to call Princeton Hydro a friend. Princeton Hydro has gone above and beyond to pour back into the Trenton community, and the New Good Neighbor Award is the latest recognition I.f you’d like to read more about Princeton Hydro and all that they’re up to in the Capital City, you can visit their website here:  Princeton Hydro – Home. Here’s to Princeton Hydro and all that lies ahead in the years to come!

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