City of Trenton Keeps Business Booming on Warren Street

City of Trenton Keeps Business Booming on Warren Street

On Monday, March 6th, community members gathered to celebrate at Warren Street Multiservices, located at 128 S Warren Street in Trenton. This business is the most recent recipient of funding from Trenton’s Business Improvement Incentive program. This program was designed to attract and keep entrepreneurs in the Capital City, assuring businesses have all the support they need to make Trenton their home. This grant will be utilized to make exterior improvements to Warren Street Multiservices.

Warren Street Multiservices, owned by local entrepreneur Cassandra Sanchez, provides meaningful services and opportunities to community members. The City of Trenton granted Sanchez $13,000 to help keep her business thriving.

Warren Street Multiservices is a woman-owned business that offers our community a vast array of services. A sampling of their extensive offerings includes immigration assistance, no-fault divorce services, money orders and transfers, passport photos, and more. Their community-centered approach assures that you will be met with open arms and a helping hand. No matter your situation, the team at Warren Street Multiservices is here to address your needs and ensure you’re connected with the tools you need. If you’d like to learn more or schedule a consultation, please check out their website here: Home – Warren Street Multiservices.

While presenting the check, Mayor Reed Gusciora stated, “We really want to up the businesses that are on this corridor, so we’re especially pleased to give you a Business Incentive Grant, and hopefully that will help you spur more economic development and business in our city.” Other funding recipients include One Up, One Down Coffee, SLOW Art Studios, and Café 128. As the City of Trenton seeks to give back to the businesses who provide our community with so much, these grants are improving outcomes one entrepreneur at a time.

Business Improvement Grant check presented to the owner of Warren Street Multiservices, Cassandra Sanchez

Cassandra Sanchez, the owner of Warren Street Multiservices, stated, “This was really instrumental to me, because when I bought this building, I pretty much put my life savings into it, and the roof wasn’t going to last as long as we thought it was. This came in handy because I was able to fix the roof.” She noted, “I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’m doing now, which is serving the community here, and it’s been really amazing.”

Sanchez then reflected on her time in the City of Trenton and what makes this community so special. She stated, “I’ve lived in 18 different cities growing up, I never knew who my mayor was. Never interacted with the mayor and never followed them on social media. The fact that you [Mayor Gusciora] are so physically accessible is really, really important for this community. Having this support from the TDA, and all of my friends downtown, all the businesses, has been really special. I feel very fortunate to have this type of support.” With opportunities available for every kind of entrepreneur, the City of Trenton is officially open for business.

Pictured left to right: Willard Stanback (City of Trenton), Bryan Evans (TDA/Greater Trenton), Cassandra Sanchez (owner – Warren Street Multiservices), and Mayor Reed Gusciora.

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