HAPPENING TODAY: Networking Event Announced at Cooper’s Riverview

HAPPENING TODAY: Networking Event Announced at Cooper’s Riverview

If you’re looking for a fun and productive weeknight out on the town, tonight’s upcoming networking event is just your opportunity!

Networking can be challenging. Although you try to make all the right connections, reaching the right people at the right time can sometimes be difficult. Through designated networking events, businesspeople and other key stakeholders can meet under one roof to connect and make great things happen. If you’re a professional in the Capital City looking to network with other like-minded innovators, this evening’s event will undoubtedly be one for the books.

You are invited to Cooper’s Riverview for an evening of cocktails and conversations. Cooper’s Riverview is located right along the Trenton waterfront at 50 Riverview Plaza, Trenton, NJ 08611. The event will be held from 5-7pm, so after a long day at the office, you can look forward to swinging by Cooper’s to unwind. Guests can enjoy happy hour deals, including drink buckets and food specials. All are welcome to come out, enjoy a drink and a bite to eat, and get to know fellow members of Capital City’s business community!

Networking is critical to a successful career in today’s competitive landscape. According to data compiled by Apollo Technical, networking is vital to moving up in your career. Surveys suggest that 80% of working professionals feel that networking is essential to their success in the workplace, 100% of people agreed that face-to-face meetings were more impactful, and 41% of professionals expressed a desire to network more. By leveraging these meaningful connections, professionals are better equipped to move up the corporate ladder and achieve the career of their dreams.

This event is hosted by the Trenton Puerto Rican Community and Friends Organization (TPRCFO), with support from Cooper’s Riverview and Ritmo 98.5 in Trenton. The Puerto Rican Community and Friends Organization is a powerhouse non-profit in Trenton which strives to share Puerto Rican culture with Trenton and connect the community to its roots. Throughout the year, the Trenton PRCFO hosts various events and community engagement opportunities, culminating in the annual Trenton Puerto Rican Parade. The organization has been bringing vibrancy and cultural education to the Trenton community for many years, and this networking event is the latest in its calendar of community enrichment.

If you’re ready to take the following steps in your career, now is the opportunity to meet some incredible people who can help you along your journey! All are welcome to come to connect, chat, and share your tips and tricks to success. If you have any questions before the event, please get in touch with the TPRCFO at TrentonPRCommunity@gmail.com for additional details. If you’d like to keep up with all the organization’s offers, you can keep up with the TPRCFO on Facebook here: TPRCFO – Home. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your fellow business titans of Trenton, and be sure to attend this evening’s event!

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