Land Development Ordinance Extended for Public Comment

Land Development Ordinance Extended for Public Comment

The Trenton Division of Planning has extended the public comment period for the City’s Land Development Ordinance (LDO) to Jan. 31, 2022.

“We extended public comment for the LDO after several local groups requested additional time to review and provide comments,” said Mayor Gusciora. “We’re happy to comply. Public input is the only way this plan will succeed and I encourage every concerned Trentonian to take the time to review the plan on the website and provide their questions, comments, and concerns.”

In addition to extending the public comment period, the Division of Planning has set up a Spanish-language virtual webinar session for Jan. 12, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

The LDO regulates the location, size, and types of structures allowed in Trenton. The LDO also includes basic design standards for new buildings and regulates parking, signs, and landscaping.

The recently-drafted LDO seeks to achieve the long-term vision articulated in Trenton250, a community-driven masterplan to guide Trenton from now through the 250th anniversary of its incorporation in 2042.

The new LDO has been made more intuitive, user-friendly, transparent and flexible in order to help investors meet community expectations for future development.

The draft plan is available here: Trenton Updated Land Development Ordinance.

The proposed LDO outlines six major changes:

  • Responsive Zoning District Structure: An updated Zoning Map has been created based upon careful consideration of future development, as well as on-the-ground conditions and community input.
  • Modern Use Approach: New and updated rules for each district are now organized within a single resource, making it easier to see permissible locations and uses for each type of property.
  • Updated Site Element Standards: Enhanced landscaping requirements and new sign permissions have been comprehensively addressed within the proposed LDO.
  • Realistic Approach to Parking: A big change in the proposed LDO is the elimination of arbitrary minimum parking requirements. Parking specifications are now based on the particular needs for each site.
  • Required Bicycle Parking: The proposed LDO requires bicycle parking for certain uses.
  • Prioritizing Sustainability: The regulations encourage true mixed-use neighborhoods, reducing the need for daily car use. Paved surface limits are included in the residential districts to help mitigate stormwater and heat island impacts. Electric vehicle parking spaces, solar panels and private wind turbines have been included. The LDO also contains exterior lighting controls on private property to help minimize light pollution in the City. Landscape and tree preservation requirements are also included to beautify the City and create valuable green infrastructure.

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