Nation’s Premier Collegiate Honor Society Inducts TCHS Graduate Jayda M. Byrd

Nation’s Premier Collegiate Honor Society Inducts TCHS Graduate Jayda M. Byrd

Trenton Central High School (TCHS) graduate Jayda M. Byrd has accepted an invitation of a lifetime in a membership to The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), the nation’s leading certified honor society for high-achieving first- and second-year college students with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

NSCS is an honors organization that invites less than ten percent of all eligible students nationwide to join the ranks of its diverse membership each year. A leading interdisciplinary academic honor society, NSCS is made up of scholars from two-year, four-year and online institutions. Notable NSCS distinguished honorary members include former president Jimmy Carter, U.S. Ambassador Dr. Robin Renee Sanders, the late Senator John McCain, and former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala.

“NSCS is more than just a symbol of academic achievement; it is a distinction of honor,” said Scott Mobley, NSCS Executive Director. “Our scholars are some of the best of the best who have shown an unwavering commitment to academic excellence early in their collegiate journey. These dynamic individuals embody the NSCS pillars of scholarship, leadership and service, and many go on to become active contributors within their respective fields.”

He continued, “We welcome Jayda M. Byrd to our community of like-minded, high-achieving nationwide scholars.”

Founded in 1994 by veteran student affairs professional Stephen Loflin, NSCS continues to remain true to its promise of recognizing, elevating and connecting high-achievers. With a portfolio of exclusive benefits that include access to over a million dollars in scholarships, chapter funds and awards annually, professional development resources, exclusive tailored content, and leadership and service experiences, NSCS is poised to support member growth and development throughout their academic and collegiate journey.

Jayda M. Byrd | Photo provided by Jayda M. Byrd

“What this means to me is just being in contact and getting to know more people that are academically successful how I am – more insights,” said Byrd. “They offer mentoring to help me grow as an individual on a personal, and on a professional level.”

Byrd was unaware that her achievements during her first year at Rider University (RU) were on the NSCS’s radar until she received the email invitation on February 24, 2021. “That’s the funny part; I never was looking forward to this,” said Byrd. “I was never like, ‘I want to be in a society, I’m an A student;’ I never wanted it.”

Although the NSCS came as a surprise, Byrd is grateful her hard work is paying off. “I’m just happy,” said Byrd. “I’m getting recognized for my work. I didn’t expect it really, but I’m excited.”

As a current double major studying both entrepreneur studies and business administration at RU, the former TCHS student is dedicated to her education. For Byrd, success is a byproduct of the vigorous effort she implemented in her studies from day one. According to Byrd, her peers and rising high schoolers can achieve the same with perseverance.

“The one thing I can say is just keep trying your best; keep working hard [and] don’t be afraid to ask questions,” said Byrd. “This is what I always kept in mind in high school, even now – When it comes to your professors and teachers, they’re not just going to give you that A and B you want, you got to earn that the best way you can.”

She continued, “It’s effort for the most part; don’t be lazy, try your best. You’re not going to get everything right the first time or on the first try, because I didn’t, but I tried my best and I learned as I went along.”

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